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Karneval at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Karneval at GERMAN SCHOOL campus 

The “Karneval “event was celebrated yesterday February 25th, in the classrooms at German School campus in Newport Beach. It was our 2nd year of this great party.

School Director Frau Ursula Schoeneich is a native from the Rhineland in Germany, where “Karneval “is this week-end in full swing. Frau Ursula loves to bring cultural events to the students and five events are being hosted during the school year.

Together with Frau Ute from the Kinder Schule (4-6 year old’s) this event was fully sponsored by both schools. Music Teacher Frau Livia helped with a great music program. Lots of fun activities, games and dance moves. Students came with the entire family and brought also friends. We had students in creative costumes. The games were so much fun for young ones and adults: Parents fed each other with chocolate pudding as the eyes were blind-folded. Kids ate chocolate marshmallow so called “Schaumküsse’” in a competition. Pretzels on a string where the smaller kids competed with the older ones. They all danced to the music of Karneval. 

The balloon dances were the highlight. Wonderful prices were given to the winners. Children and adults got spoiled with donuts so called “Berliner”, coffee, tea, lemonade and later in the evening with Hot Dogs The final game of the evening was the circle where a gift box went from right to the left student. As the music stopped, the child who hold the box in hand could open it.

The teachers were thankful for the last group of parents who helped in clean up. Party ended by 6:30 pm.

Karneval Party 2017

Karneval Party 2017

Lots of activities, fun, games, music and snacks. Bring your entire family, friends and new students are welcome. Please download and print your flyer and send the link to your friends and family.

Saturday February 25th, 2017 – 4 pm to 6 pm –
Sea Base room downstairs “Foxtrott

GERMAN SCHOOL Campus Location
Youth Center Newport Sea Base – 1931 West Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Please make your reservation:
Age group: 7 to 18
GERMAN SCHOOL campus: (949) – 229 – 7389
Email: [email protected]

Age group: 4 to 6
Ute’s KinderSchule: (949) – 786 – 3877
Email: [email protected]

About Karneval

In general, Karneval is the word used for the Rhenish (Rhineland) version of carnival in northwest Germany (except in Mainz), while the word Fasching refers to the similar celebration in southern Germany and Austria. The big day for Karneval is the Rose Monday parade, whereas the big Fasching parades are usually the day before, on Carnival Sunday. (The big final parade for Mardi Gras in New Orleans is on Shrove Tuesday.) But one of Germany’s biggest carnival parades takes place in the northern German city of Braunschweig, also on Carnival Sunday. Called “Schoduvel” (“scaring away the devil”), the Braunschweig carnival dates back to 1293.

As we can see from the examples above, keeping track of carnival customs is far from simple. The term Fasching is also seen and heard in Berlin and other parts of northern Germany. Fastnacht, mostly used in Swabia and Switzerland, is also used in the northern city of Mainz. However, that still does not mean that these words are interchangeable. In fact, if we examine the origin of the three words, we discover that each is derived from a different source.

The word Fasching dates back to the 13th century and is derived from the Germanic word vaschanc or vaschang, in modern German: Fastenschank = the last serving of alcoholic beverages before Lent. In olden times the 40-day Lenten period of fasting was strictly observed. People refrained from drinking alcohol or eating meat, milk products and eggs. The English word “fast” (to refrain from eating) is related to German fasten.

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest & Party

Gingerbread House
Decorating Contest & Party

Enjoy one of our most popular school events for all kids. This is a lot of fun and the school year highlight they are all waiting for. Gingerbread house or also “Hexenhaus” decorating contest and our traditional Year end party at German School campus and Ute’s Kinderschule. Come and enjoy this day with the kid’s and family. Please make your reservation, places are limited and they fill fast.

You and your friends are invited to join us
Saturday December 3rd – from 4pm to 7pm

Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House

Sea Base, 1931 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach CA 92663
Room “Foxtrott” downstairs

Please register today, just click on the link below  – do not miss it!
Gingerbread House Decorating Contest & Party

It is the day before St. Nikolaus and we have a lot to prepare. German School campus with Frau Ursula and Ute’ Kinderschule will assist you. Please make a reservation soon: ages from 4 – 17 years.

German School campus age 7-17 years [email protected] Phone (949) 285 0829

We ask for a donation of $ 30 per Hexenhaus towards the material.
Please mail the check no later than November 28 ($30 each child). Please include with your check payment the name(s) of your kid(s).

26895 Aliso Creek Rd, #B858 – Aliso Viejo CA 92656

St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See

St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See

St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See

German School Campus und Ute’s Kinderschule hatten einen wunderbaren St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See geplant. Sie sind damit einer alten Tradition gefolgt. Nach der Begrüßung las ein Schüler die Geschichte von St. Martin in Deutsch vor. Schüler und Schülerinnen beider Schulen in allen Altersgruppen mit ihren Familien nahmen an diesem Laternenumzug teil. Zahlreiche Familien brachten ihre eigenen Laternen Kreationen mit. Es gab warmen Apfel Cidre, Limonade, original „Berliner“. Zu den traditionellen Liedern „Ich geh mit meiner Laterne“ und „Laterne. Laterne,“ folgte der Umzug ca. 40 Minuten um den See. Zum Abschluss gab es dann einen Weck Mann (eine rheinische Tradition) aus Hefeteig und Rosinen.

Familien Kinder mit Laternen

Es war eine wunderbare Veranstaltung bei warmen früh herbstlichen Temperaturen. Alle gingen gegen 21:00 Uhr nach Hause. 100 Familien mit Kindern hatten einen wunderschönen St. Martin der wohl vielen unvergesslich bleiben wird. In 2017 werden wir diese traditionelle Veranstaltung wieder haben. Bitte rechtzeitig die Ankündigungen beachten.


Wer war St. Martin?

Wir gehen zurück in das Jahr ca. (316) 336 als Martin in Ungarn geboren wurde. Er wuchs dann in Rom auf und wurde ein Soldat im Römischen Reich. Er half einem Bettler am Wegesrand, als er mit seinem Ross vorbeikam. Er teilte mit seinem Schwert seinen roten Mantel und bewahrt so den armen Bettler vor dem Erfrierungstod. Er widmete sein Leben dann dem christlichen Glauben. Martin wurde dann 371 ein Bishop in Tour (Frankreich). Sein Leben war den Armen und Bedürftigen gewidmet. Martin starb am 8.November 397. Die Bewohner von Tour standen am Ufer und leuchteten mit Laternen zum letzten Geleit, als der Korpus auf einem Boot vorbeifuhr.

Martinszug auf dem Düsseldorfer Marktplatz, Aquarell von Heinrich Hermanns, 1905
Martinszug auf dem Düsseldorfer Marktplatz, Aquarell von Heinrich Hermanns, 1905

Sein Heiligenschrein ist auf dem Pilgerweg nach Santiago de Compostela in Spanien. Er wurde zum Schutzpatron der Armen und Bedürftigen in Europa.

Lantern Walk – Traditional German

Lantern Walk – Traditional German

Join us for our traditional lantern walk on Saturday, November 5th, at 6:30 pm in front of Frau Ute’s Kinderschule. Please bring jacket.

This event is in Cooperation with:
GERMANSCHOOLcampus and Ute’s Kinder Schule. 

Tradtional “Weckmännchen” U$ 10.00 each and refreshments will be sold.


Please pre-order your “Weckmännchen” now to be sure that your child will get one and not left out.

Price is only U$ 10 each!



Please make your reservation:

GERMANSCHOOLcampus: (949)229 7389
Email: [email protected]

Lantern Walk 2016 – German Tradition

Lantern walk 2016

Lantern walk 2016

Laternenumzug 2016

Easter Party – Frohe Ostern

March 19th, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Wintermist Park

Eastereggs und Ostereier
Eastereggs und Ostereier

On Saturday, March 19th, we will have an Easter Party and would be so happy if you could join us!

We would appreciate if you could bring a little something to eat and share with everyone. Also, please bring a dozen filled plastic eggs (don’t le the children see it!) foru our egg hunt.

We will meet at Wintermist Park (2 blocks up the loop), where we have the Easter Egg Hunt, enjpy the yummy food and friends, and play some games.

Egg Hunt will start at 10:15 a.m.

RSVP by 3-13 please email or call or send message below.

Please download Easter Party 2016 Flyer

Welcome to the Karneval Party


Saturday February 6th 4 pm to 6 pm

Sea Base room downstairs “Alpha”

GERMAN SCHOOL campus Location
Youth Center Newport Sea Base
1931 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663

In Cooperation with:
GERMAN SCHOOL campus & Ute’s KinderSchule

Please make your reservation with your teacher

Your friends are welcome!

GERMAN SCHOOL campus: (949) – 229 – 7389
Email: [email protected]

Ute’s KinderSchule: (949) – 786 – 3877
Email: [email protected]

Download flyer: Karneval Flyer 2016

BerlinerYou will get a traditional „Berliner” at the Karneval Party:

Berliner Pfannkuchen sind ein traditionelles Gebäck bevorzugt am Rosenmontag und Faschingsdienstag.

Einer populären Legende nach wurden Berliner Pfannkuchen im Jahr 1756 von einem Berliner Zuckerbäcker erfunden.

In großen Teilen Norddeutschlands, von Mecklenburg über Schleswig-Holstein und Niedersachsen bis nach Westfalen und dem Rheinland sowie in Teilen der Pfalz, in Teilen Baden-Württembergs (vor allem im Westen), im Saarland und in der Deutschschweiz werden sie „Berliner“ genannt. Im Bereich Ruhrgebiet/Sauerland/Niederrhein selten auch „Berliner Ballen“. In Aachen heißt der Berliner Pfannkuchen „Puffel“.

Traditional German Christmas Party

Please join us for our traditional German Christmas Party with Performance of our students and students of Ute’s Kinderschule.

Frohe Weihnachten
Saturday December 12th, from 4:00 pm to 6:00pm

GERMAN SCHOOL campus 1931 West Coast Hwy, 92663 Newport Beach

Special guest:
Santa will come

Traditional German Christmas Party Flyer

Merry Christmas

Please RSVP [email protected]

By December 7th

Hexenhaus Decorating Contest & Party

Hexenhaus Decorating Contest & Party
Hexenhaus Decorating Contest & Party

You and your friends are invited to join us for a Hexenhaus Decorating Contest & Party.

Saturday December 5th – from 3pm to 5pm

German School campus
Sea Base, 1931 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach CA 92663
Room “Foxtrott” downstairs

It is the day before St. Nikolaus and we have a lot to prepare. Ute’ Kinderschule and German School campus with Frau Ursula will assist you.

Der Heilige Nikolaus war im 4. Jahrhundert n. Chr. ein Bischof in Myra in der heutigen Türkei. Er setzte sich sein Leben lang für arme und kranke Menschen ein. Er soll vielen Kindern das Leben gerettet haben, indem er armen Familien Geld und Lebensmittel schenkte.

Nikolaus von Myra starb am 6. Dezember 345. Um an seine guten Taten zu erinnern wurden schon im Mittelalter an diesem Tag kleine Geschenke an arme Menschen und Kinder verteilt.

Manchmal kommt der Nikolaus persönlich zu den Kindern, manchmal kommt er aber auch erst, wenn schon alle schlafen. Dann stellen die Kinder am Nikolausabend 5. Dezember ihre Schuhe vor die Tür oder hängen Socken auf. Diese werden dann in der Nacht von Nikolaus mit Süßigkeiten gefüllt.

Please make a reservation with your teacher soon:
Hexenhaus Decorating Flyer

Ute’s Kinderschule age 4- 6 years
[email protected]  Phone 949-786- 3877

German School campus age 7- 17 years
[email protected] Phone 949-285-0829

We ask for a donation of $ 35 per Hexenhaus towards the material.