Student Achievement

National German Exam for High School Students AATGAATG

The National German Exam is administered each year to nearly 22,000 high school students in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th level of German. The Exam, now in its 56th year, provides individual diagnostic feedback, rewards students through an extensive prize program, and creates a sense of accomplishment.

Each Exam is comprised of 100 questions. Question types include multiple choice, matching, and true/false. The Exam is comprised of two parts. The listening and viewing portion is 40 minutes in length and consists of a series of short audio and video segments with a total of 50 questions and tasks. The reading portion is 45 minutes in length and consists of a number of print texts, including graphs and images with a total of 50 questions and tasks. All materials used in the exam are from authentic resources. The Exam will NOT include any text completion questions.

How Results are Reported. National German Exam results provide a means of comparing students in all regions of the country. The results also serve as a diagnostic tool to inform curricular decisions.
Teachers receive printable Results reports, detailed Skills reports, along with printable individual student reports. The Results Report includes student raw scores as well as their Percentile rankings, which indicate the performance of an individual student in comparison to all students who took the National German Exam across the US. The achievement level for each student’s performance and whether or not they qualify for the Study Trip Award are also included.

The Skills Report provides information on how students performed on specific question types, such as identifying main ideas, comprehending idiomatic expressions, and making inferences. This report is provided to help teachers better understand where their students did well and where students may need more instruction.