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German Language School and Certified Exam Center

Achieve Language Proficiency and Certification at German School Campus with Expert-Led Courses and Comprehensive Exam Preparation

Welcome to German School, your gateway to diverse language programs catering to students of all ages. As an accredited examination center, we support various German language certifications, providing clear pathways for students to demonstrate their language skills globally.

But what exactly is the Global Seal of Biliteracy? It’s a formal validation of language proficiency that empowers individuals to bridge cultures and unlock opportunities worldwide. Through our Global Seal of Biliteracy program, students can earn college credit, gaining recognition as global citizens proficient in two languages.

Carrying the Global Seal of Biliteracy sets our students apart. It offers acknowledgment, potential placement advantages, and the possibility of earning higher pay for their valuable language skills. At German School, we’re here to help you succeed and thrive in today’s interconnected world.

Discover linguistic excellence – your gateway to global language proficiency. Explore German Immersion programs for all ages. Accredited curriculum, recognized by WASC, ZfA, and ÖSD spans A1 – C1 levels, offering Language Diplomas and AP German for High School credits.

Ulla Schmidt Former Federal Minister of Health and Member of the German Bundestag with ursula schoeneich from german school campus newport beach a bi lingual language school

Unlocking a world of language and culture, the GERMAN SCHOOL campus in Newport Beach empowers children and youth to explore beyond the German language, fostering a deep curiosity for cultural context.

Ulla Schmidt
Former Federal Minister of Health and Member of the German Bundestag

High school students with a B1 / DSDI German Language Diploma can participate in the annual ‘Jugend debating‘ event. This opportunity enhances their language skills and provides valuable experience.


German language acquisition can be an excellent means of broadening one’s knowledge base! SPARK for GERMAN to teach German to students K-3 using STEM-inspired lessons in a virtual classroom setting.