Lantern Walk – Traditional German

Lantern Walk – Traditional German

Join us for our traditional lantern walk on Saturday, November 5th, at 6:30 pm in front of Frau Ute’s Kinderschule. Please bring jacket.

This event is in Cooperation with:
GERMANSCHOOLcampus and Ute’s Kinder Schule. 

Tradtional “Weckmännchen” U$ 10.00 each and refreshments will be sold.


Please pre-order your “Weckmännchen” now to be sure that your child will get one and not left out.

Price is only U$ 10 each!



Please make your reservation:

GERMANSCHOOLcampus: (949)  285  0829
Email: [email protected]

Lantern Walk 2016 – German Tradition

Lantern walk 2016

Lantern walk 2016

Laternenumzug 2016