Gingerbread House Decorating Contest & Party

Gingerbread House
Decorating Contest & Party

Enjoy one of our most popular school events for all kids. This is a lot of fun and the school year highlight they are all waiting for. Gingerbread house or also “Hexenhaus” decorating contest and our traditional Year end party at German School campus and Ute’s Kinderschule. Come and enjoy this day with the kid’s and family. Please make your reservation, places are limited and they fill fast.

You and your friends are invited to join us
Saturday December 3rd – from 4pm to 7pm

Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House

Sea Base, 1931 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach CA 92663
Room “Foxtrott” downstairs

Please register today, just click on the link below  – do not miss it!
Gingerbread House Decorating Contest & Party

It is the day before St. Nikolaus and we have a lot to prepare. German School campus with Frau Ursula and Ute’ Kinderschule will assist you. Please make a reservation soon: ages from 4 – 17 years.

German School campus age 7-17 years [email protected] Phone (949) 285 0829

We ask for a donation of $ 30 per Hexenhaus towards the material.
Please mail the check no later than November 28 ($30 each child). Please include with your check payment the name(s) of your kid(s).

26895 Aliso Creek Rd, #B858 – Aliso Viejo CA 92656

What makes Germany such a strong international education partner

What makes Germany such a strong international education partner

Ten reasons why contact is worthwhile on matters of scholarship and learning.

Kraftwerksturbine - Made in Germany - Made by SIEMENS
Kraftwerksturbine – Made in Germany – by SIEMENS

Germany’s dual vocational education system successfully provides skills training for young people. Dual vocational education programs last between two and three years and are offered in 330 recognized occupations. The system combines theoretical and practical learning and is considered an international model.

STUDENTS at some 2,000 schools worldwide can gain a solid grounding in German, among other things, in order to later study for a degree or pursue a career in Germany. The initiative Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH) is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

In 2016 the number of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in German HIGHER EDUCATION reached the record level of roughly 321,000. One of the reasons for Germany’s popularity with STUDENTS from abroad is the fact that it offers over 1,300 foreign-language and international degree programs, the majority of them in English.

Young people can study for a German degree without even leaving their home country. GERMAN UNIVERSITIES and degree programs have been established in many countries – from Egypt to Vietnam – as part of the transnational education effort. Great emphasis is attached to education partnership here.

A PhD is regarded not only as the key to an academic career, but also as the turbo charger for a successful career in industry. Germany offers many opportunities to complete a PhD. In addition to the “traditional” route based on individual research, there are some 700, often internationally oriented PhD programs.

Many postdoctoral researchers opt for a career in Germany. Why? Non-university research institutions like the MAX PLANCK SOCIETY and the Fraunhofer-Gesell­schaft are globally renowned and well connected. Their projects are interesting and interdisciplinary and the working conditions attractive.

In international comparisons, the German labor market is considered robust, transparent and dynamic. At the same time, many promising occupations today lack young skilled employees. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is sending a message to international specialists with the initiative Make It in Germany.

The brightest minds find an innovative environment in Germany. Excellent – and sometimes globally unique – research facilities are of special interest to internationally oriented researchers, who are attracted by highly competitive infrastructures – ranging from particle accelerators to super-intense lasers.

Many German companies are very attractive for employees around the world. They often stand for innovation, quality, engineering excellence and reliability. German firms are also sought-after EMPLOYERS because they offer their employees good working conditions and a modern work-life balance.

“Integration through education” is a key area of German refugee policy. The Federal Ministry of Education is supporting the integration of refugees with two large packages of measures – they range from German LANGUAGE courses to vocational training or HIGHER EDUCATION programs.

St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See

St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See

St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See

German School Campus und Ute’s Kinderschule hatten einen wunderbaren St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See geplant. Sie sind damit einer alten Tradition gefolgt. Nach der Begrüßung las ein Schüler die Geschichte von St. Martin in Deutsch vor. Schüler und Schülerinnen beider Schulen in allen Altersgruppen mit ihren Familien nahmen an diesem Laternenumzug teil. Zahlreiche Familien brachten ihre eigenen Laternen Kreationen mit. Es gab warmen Apfel Cidre, Limonade, original „Berliner“. Zu den traditionellen Liedern „Ich geh mit meiner Laterne“ und „Laterne. Laterne,“ folgte der Umzug ca. 40 Minuten um den See. Zum Abschluss gab es dann einen Weck Mann (eine rheinische Tradition) aus Hefeteig und Rosinen.

Familien Kinder mit Laternen

Es war eine wunderbare Veranstaltung bei warmen früh herbstlichen Temperaturen. Alle gingen gegen 21:00 Uhr nach Hause. 100 Familien mit Kindern hatten einen wunderschönen St. Martin der wohl vielen unvergesslich bleiben wird. In 2017 werden wir diese traditionelle Veranstaltung wieder haben. Bitte rechtzeitig die Ankündigungen beachten.


Wer war St. Martin?

Wir gehen zurück in das Jahr ca. (316) 336 als Martin in Ungarn geboren wurde. Er wuchs dann in Rom auf und wurde ein Soldat im Römischen Reich. Er half einem Bettler am Wegesrand, als er mit seinem Ross vorbeikam. Er teilte mit seinem Schwert seinen roten Mantel und bewahrt so den armen Bettler vor dem Erfrierungstod. Er widmete sein Leben dann dem christlichen Glauben. Martin wurde dann 371 ein Bishop in Tour (Frankreich). Sein Leben war den Armen und Bedürftigen gewidmet. Martin starb am 8.November 397. Die Bewohner von Tour standen am Ufer und leuchteten mit Laternen zum letzten Geleit, als der Korpus auf einem Boot vorbeifuhr.

Martinszug auf dem Düsseldorfer Marktplatz, Aquarell von Heinrich Hermanns, 1905
Martinszug auf dem Düsseldorfer Marktplatz, Aquarell von Heinrich Hermanns, 1905

Sein Heiligenschrein ist auf dem Pilgerweg nach Santiago de Compostela in Spanien. Er wurde zum Schutzpatron der Armen und Bedürftigen in Europa.