“Earth, Water, Air, Fire” – Young Scientist at work at the Newport Beach Sea Base

“Earth, Water, Air, Fire” – Young Scientist at work at the Newport Beach Sea Base

Following in the footsteps of famous scientist, German School campus’ STEM Summer Camp is exploring the elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

Newport Beach (April 20, 2017) – Finding a meaningful camp that enriches our children as much as it provides fun, is hard work. German School campus offers the Orange County community just that with its STEM summer camp right at the beautiful Sea Base in Newport Beach, from July 3-8, 2017. Children ages 6-17 get immersed into hands-on scientific experiments while playfully being introduced to a new culture and language (German) as they have fun with water activities and make new friends.

Games and art activities are just some of the ways how the children will explore the different elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. From exciting excursions on a pontoon boat to a local sea bass hatchery in the Newport Bay to building a solar powered hydro car, campers will learn about the various environments, and become familiar with sustainability, recycling, clean air solutions, wind power and much more.

All along, while experimenting and learning, German language terms and vocabulary will subtly be introduced at the beginner level while more advanced groups will try to incorporate German as a “working” language throughout their camp explorations. (Find a complete schedule of events here.)

As a trained Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America, German School campus founder and principal Ursula Schoeneich brings a wealth of experience to the table. She participated at many Boy Scout camps with her 16-year old son, an Eagle Scout, and she experienced first hand what captivates the minds of young camp-goers and keeps them engaged.

“When I designed this summer science camp I also drew a lot of inspiration from my 25 years of working as an Executive in the sustainable recycling industry.” Ms. Schoeneich adds. “But most importantly I want to engage and captivate the minds of my young campers with topics and projects that they can relate to. Their having fun is as important to me as their learning experience.”

STEM Summer Day Camp 2017 – “Earth, Water, Air, Fire”
Dates: July 3rd-8th (July 4th is off),
Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Location: Newport Sea Base –
1931 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach CA 92663
Cost: $ 465.00

About German School campus:
German School campus serves the Orange County community since 2015. The school offers German language classes, preparation classes for the high school AP German exam and High School German language tutoring. Ursula Schoeneich has put together other German camps in the SoCal area for German schools, where she was a lead language instructor. She is a trained Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America and a certified DaF German Language Teacher.


Ursula Schoeneich (school principal & founder)
cell: (949)285 0829
email: [email protected]
Website: www.germanschoolcampus.com

Press Release “Earth, Water, Air, Fire” – Young Scientist at work at the Newport Beach Sea Base

German School Campus needs your support!

German School Campus needs your support!

Please help us raise funds to make one year of German language and cultural studies accessible to 10 students.

Please support us!

 Multi Ethnic Students Standing In Front Of German Flag Showing Thumb Up
Multi Ethnic Students Standing In Front Of German Flag Showing Thumb Up

Learning any world language opens the doors for our children to advance in their professional careers later on in life. And learning German in particular could even help your child to study for free at one of the many world-renowned German universities later on. According to a recent study, German is among the top three languages children should learn “…if they’re looking for success in the next 10 years.” (Travel & Leisure)

Here at GermanSchool campus we want to make learning of the German language accessible to any child, who wants to discover the exciting world of getting to know a new culture through its language. “Young minds are so inquisitive and eager to learn. That is the time when we have to help them tackle the study of a new language and acquire a sense for a new culture. It will make them insightful and well-rounded adults.” believes Ursula Schoeneich, GermanSchool campus’ engaged principal and founder.

Alex M and Deputy Consul General Stefan Biedermann presented DSD Diploma
Alex M and Deputy Consul General Stefan Biedermann presented DSD Diploma

Our school provides German classes for the age groups 4 to 17. Comprehensive teaching covers the German language in reading, writing, listening and speaking and our curriculum will immerse students into Germany’s culture, geography and traditions. Classes are purposely held small so teachers can dedicate their attention to the individual student; an environment that enables very focused work towards the German “Sprachdiplom” (German National Exam).

As you get ready for your taxes please keep us and the education of our children in mind – Sponsor a child with your contribution today!

“Americans have used charitable donations to lower their taxable income since World War I”. reports TurboTax, and “…nearly 27 percent of filers take advantage of this tax break, according to a preliminary analysis of 2010 tax returns by the Internal Revenue Service.”

GermanSchool campus is a 501(c) (3) non-profit Public Benefit Corporation and any donation translates into a 100% charitable tax deduction.

Your generous contribution will help transform our youth of today into responsible and aware global citizens of the future.

Please consider German School campus in your gifting this year!

German School Campus is gearing up for the German National Exam

German School Campus is gearing up for the German National Exam


An exciting month is ahead of us. It’s German National Exam Time!

April is the month where we can show off what we have studied for so hard all year. Our German language skills are under the spotlight ! AATG testing (American Association of Teachers for German), which is also known as the German National Exam, is scheduled for this month and our students are ready to proof their knowledge of the German language!

The April AATG test is the first one in a series of four, that students can take. All following German National Tests are being held in the winter semester .

Participating in AATG tests has a number of benefits:
  • Working towards a goal respectively a test, motivates and inspires the students to give their best.
  • Students may have the benefit of being placed in a higher-level language class at their high school (given the school offers classes in German)
  • These tests are a great preparation for high school students, who work towards taking the SAT subject tests: ‘German’ or ‘German with Listening’, which in turn will help their overall SAT scores for their college applications.
  • Working toward a test makes studying more streamlined since very particular material has to be covered.

In 2016 an astounding 26,572 students from nearly 700 schools all over the U.S. have participated in the AATG testings. All our German School Campus students, who took part in last year’s AATG 4 testing, have finished with a gold medal. So our bar is set high for our students, who are taking the AATG 1 this April!

German School Campus, a Specialist in German Language Test Preparation

We at German School Campus take testing seriously and leave nothing to chance.
We prepare our students well not only in the specifics of the German language but also in the technicalities of the test taking itself. This alone can sometimes be challenging if it has not been practiced.

In the last month leading up to the exam we make time to work with our students also on the actual test taking and initiate mock test situations. That way our students learn how to navigate the particular AATG test format and will be able to access videos, reading material and audios as well as their actual test material simultaneously when needed.

How do the AATG Tests work?

Each AATG exam is delivered in electronic format and consists of two parts, a 40-minute listening and viewing portion (audios and videos) and a 45-minute reading portion that includes printed text but also graphs and images that need to get interpreted. Each of those two parts has 50 questions in the style of multiple choice, matching and true/false. AATG offers some sample tests on their website so one can get familiarized with the format.

German School Campus will hold its German National Test on April 22nd, 2017.

Have any questions? We are here to help.

Contact us by phone (949)  285  0829 or send us an email at [email protected]