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German World Language

german world language
German World Language

We teach according to the framework plan of the Central Office for Schools Abroad.
It understands is a fundamental curricular contribution to a modern and comprehensive overall concept school work. Go to Enrollment

spanish world language
Spanish World Language

This is a proficiency-based program which, while emphasizing listening and speaking skills, puts increasing emphasis on reading and writing. In addition to the basic texts, support materials include student worksheets, classroom audio files, videos, and online components. Go to Enrollment

Culinary Arts - Kochen at GERMAN SCHOOL campus
Culinary Arts – Kochen at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

The concept of vocational training is based on dual training, a combination of vocational school, and the imparting of practical skills in selected companies.

This unique and special training concept provides the trainees with all the theoretical and practical knowledge required by the market in a 3-year training course.

We, the GermanSchool Campus of Culinary Arts, are offering this apprenticeship as a cook in the fall of 2020, a completely new type of training in the USA.

We teach German in the best way for each child to reach their fullest potential

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