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fi neu Before immigration ÖSD A1 exam or higher required by german school campus

Before Immigration to Austria: ÖSD A1 Exam or Higher Required for Language Proof

Residence Permit Application: German Language Requirement

Before immigrating to Austria, individuals applying for residence permits must demonstrate basic German language skills equivalent to level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The ÖSD Certificate A1 or higher is recognized as proof of language competence and must be obtained within one year prior to the application.

A valid ÖSD Certificate A1 serves as proof of language competence for various residence permits, including:

Settlement Permit – Dependant

Integration Agreement and Exams

The Integration Agreement, established in 2017, outlines knowledge requirements for third-country nationals settling in Austria. It mandates German language proficiency, knowledge of democratic principles, and basic cultural understanding.

Module 1 of the Integration Agreement requires proficiency at level A2, while Module 2 necessitates competence at level B1. Third-country nationals must fulfill Module 1 within two years of receiving their first residence permit. Module 2 completion is optional but required for obtaining the “Daueraufenthalt – EU” residence permit and eligibility for Austrian citizenship.

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