St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See

St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See German School Campus hatte einen wunderbaren St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See geplant. Sie sind damit einer alten Tradition gefolgt. Nach der Begrüßung las ein Schüler die Geschichte von St. Martin in Deutsch vor. Schüler und Schülerinnen beider Schulen in allen Altersgruppen mit ihren Familien nahmen an diesem Laternenumzug teil. Zahlreiche…… Continue reading St. Martinsumzug am Irvine See

Lantern Walk – Traditional German

Lantern Walk – Traditional German Join us for our traditional lantern walk on Saturday, November 5th, at 6:30 pm. Please bring jacket. Tradtional “Weckmännchen” U$ 10.00 each and refreshments will be sold. Please pre-order your “Weckmännchen” now to be sure that your child will get one and not be left out. The price is only U$…… Continue reading Lantern Walk – Traditional German

Das deutsche Sprachgebiet

Das deutsche Sprachgebiet Sprachen und Sprachenlernen Vielfalt in der Einheit In Deutschland werden neben Deutsch viele andere Sprachen gesprochen. Es gibt die Sprachen der Migranten und Religionsgruppen (Italienern, Spanier, Griechen, Jugoslawen, Türken u.a.). die z.T. bereits seit zwei oder drei Generationen bei uns leben. Außerdem finden sich die Sprachen der autochtonen (= eingesessenen) Volksgruppen wie…… Continue reading Das deutsche Sprachgebiet

Scout-O-Rama 2016

What is Scout-O-Rama? Scout-O-Rama is the annual “trade show” of Scouting in Orange County that is attended by over 20,000 participants. Scouts, their families and friends interested in learning about Scouting enjoy a fun-filled day of exhibits, competitions and displays. Some popular events from recent years include dutch-oven cooking demonstrations, climbing towers, obstacle courses, Bubble…… Continue reading Scout-O-Rama 2016

Open House

GERMAN SCHOOL campus and Sea Base at Newport Sea Base celebrated Open House all day on Saturday April 30th, 2016 at the beautiful location at Newport Sea Base, 1931 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach CA, 92663 Visitors could pick up German School Camp Information STEM and enrollment documents for the 2016/2017 school year. German School Campus has…… Continue reading Open House

What is a foreign language worth?

JOHNSON is a fan of the Freakonomics books and columns. But this week’s podcast makes me wonder if the team of Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt aren’t overstretching themselves a bit. “Is learning a foreign language really worth it?”, asks the headline. A reader writes:               My oldest daughter…… Continue reading What is a foreign language worth?

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Frohe Ostern 2016

Frohe Ostern 2016 Das Bild ist von den Schülern des GERMAN SCHOOL campus in Newport Beach CA gemalt worden. Happy Easter 2016 The picture was drawn from the students of GERMAN SCHOOL campus in Newport Beach CA.


The National German Exam The German Exam is an annual test taken by about 22,000 high school students across the second, third, and fourth levels of German classes. Now in its 56th year, the exam offers personalized feedback, a range of prizes, and a sense of achievement. Results are used to compare students nationwide, inform…… Continue reading AATG

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