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GERMAN SCHOOL campus summer day camp 2018 Newport Beach

Monday July 2nd till Saturday July 7th
(Wednesday 4th of July is off)
Daily from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cost $ 485.- incl material and T-shirt

Please sign up here, space is limited!

This program is designed for students who want to investigate another language like German, for students who speak German and want to improve as we immerse 8 hours daily the language. Students in the age group of 6-year-old up to 17 are welcome. In playful and fun experiments students will be introduced to science. Every day we look to the Elements of – Earth- Fire- Water- Air. Students learn about the various environments, and become familiar with sustainability, recycling, clean air solutions, wind power and much more. We go on exciting excursions on a pontoon boat to a local Science center in the Bay Area and sail to ocean or go on a Kayak to explore waters. The program binder is written in German and English which each student will receive on the first day plus a German School camp T-shirt. Students will bring their own snacks and lunch for the day.  Sign up forms and check payments need to be mailed to German School Administration in no later than June 20th.

Attn. Ursula Schoeneich / Principal
26895 Aliso Creek Rd, #B858
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Please contact me if you have questions: [email protected]
We love to see you and join us for an exciting week of science and outdoor activities.

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GERMAN SCHOOL campus Newport Beach Award Ceremony 2018

German school campus, Newport Beach is a Language School open to all children age 6-17 or if they are enrolled in a High School program.

In a special event on Saturday morning German School campus represented by School Director Ms. Ursula Schoeneich honored their outstanding students with certificates and medals. Everyone received a bag with treats and a gift for her/his accomplishment in
the German language.

In German School campus students can earn the Language certificates they need for High School credit and can participate every year in the AATG- National German Exam for High School students. The National German Exam provides an excellent opportunity to highlight student success and promote the German program to school. Recognizing students of the German Language at the special award ceremony every year and the schools honor program are wonderful opportunities for positive publicity for the German School program.

The Exam is comprised of two parts: Reading and Listening and Viewing. The Exam material comes from authentic resources. The Exam has 100 multiple choice and matching questions on each Level.

In 2018 AATG published that 25,939 students entered the exam on Levels 1,2,3 and 4. About 8,302 students earned medals and the Presidential Honor Roll, 3,158 in Gold, 2,461 in Silver and 2,683 in Bronze. 44 students received study trip awards to Germany:
For over 50 years, the Federal Republic of Germany, through the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) and its Pedagogical Exchange Service (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst), has provided the AATG/PAD Study Trip Awards, a 3-4-week trip to Germany in the summer following the Exam. Students attend classes at an academic High School stay in homestays, and participate in various excursions to places of cultural significance.

All National German Exam Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Winners will be honored online with a special commendation from the AATG President. These Awards are given to students who achieved the highest percentile rankings on the NGE. German School campus students have the possibility to be part of this exam program
and they did it! We proudly honored this year 2 students with Bronze and 9 students with Gold certificates and medals.

During the Schools award ceremony one students was sworn in to the Delta Epsilon Phi (ΔΕΦ) National Honor Society for High School Students of German who recognizes the outstanding academic achievement of a learner of German. completed three semesters of German with a 3.6 grade point average in German and have an
overall grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The organization was founded in 1968 by Käthe Wilson at Coral Gables High School
(FL), a devoted AATG member, to reward scholastic achievement in the study of German and to promote interest in the study of German language, literature, and civilization.

Additionally, two students were honored who mastered the Goethe C1 Sprachdiplom in April 2018.

IMG_20180609_113015 blog

Picture 1 of 8

A delicious breakfast was waiting after the ceremony and used the time to talk to the parents

All students made German School campus very proud this year! We said: “Auf Wiedersehen und viel Glück,”to those students who finished the German School program after many years of their commitment.

Das Wunder von Bern

Film Evening GERMAN SCHOOL campus

GERMAN SCHOOL campus is presenting a film evening at Old World in Huntington Beach On Big Screen. Movie is a free event.

Old World German Restaurant will be open for dinner. Guest are encouraged to make reservations at (714) 895-8020.

Friday June 15 – 7:00 pm 

The Movie: Das Wunder von Bern

Director: Sönke Wortmann, Germany, 2003, 118 min., digital. In German with English subtitles

Starring: Louis Klamroth, Peter Lohmeyer, Johanna Gastdorf, Peter Franke, Sascha Göpel. Suitable for general audiences.

Summer, 1954, Germany’s Ruhr Valley.

Shortly before West Germany is to compete in the World Cup, Richard Lubanski (Lohmeyer) returns home after eleven years in a Soviet prisoner of war camp to his wife Christa (Gastdorf) and his three children.

Richard’s son, Matthias (Klamroth), has never known his father and looks up to local soccer hero Helmut Rahn (Göpel) as a role model. Alienated from a country and a family he barley recognizes, Richard initially looks down on his son’s love of soccer. However, Matthias’ infectious passion for the sport soon draws Richard out of his depression; creating a connection between the two, and rejuvenating the family.

The new bond between father and son is cemented as the two travel to see Rahn and the West German national team compete for the World Cup in Bern, Switzerland. Wortmann’s multi-award winning film is a heart-warming and inspirational portrait of West Germany during the post-war Wirtschaftswunder, or “economic miracle”. A huge sensation in Germany, the film links the nation’s unexpected victory in the World Cup with Germany’s new-found sense of identity.

Winner of three German Film Awards: Best Picture, Audience Award for Best Actor, Audience Award for Best German Film.

Presented with the support of the Goethe-Institut


Maifest with GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Yesterday was the “Maifest” in Old World Village hosted by German School campus.

Stores remained open, so families could run some errands.
It was a bit chilly out there and the sun came through partially, but the families who came with the children had fun.

The “Donau Schwaben” Youth Group from Los Angeles opened the afternoon with  dances and the dance around the “Maypole”.

School Director Ursula Schoeneich got a craft table for pebble stone painting, like a ladybug or Elmo, flowers on a stone or hearts. Children got so creative. 

Claudia Tichy read a pat out of her children’s book “Tesha entdeckt die Welt,” and signed the books.

Eva Tran crafted colorful ribbons on a stick.

Livia Wielath got the young kids on the feet with the song
“Kangaroo,” and all used the ribbon sticks for their moves.

We ended our day with a great dinner, a glass of “Radler” in the Old-World Restaurant.

Thank you to all and Thank you to Cyndie Kasko from Old World.

Livia Wielath entertained children with the „Känguru“ song.

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Livia Wielath entertained children with the „Känguru“ song.

Maifest and Kinderfest 2018

A Free Event for students and families

Location Courtyard in:
Old World 7561 Center Ave. #49, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Saturday May 19th, 2018 – 3:00pm to 6:00pm

  • School Director Ursula Schoeneich will lead through the program
  • Livia Wielath from Music to Grow has a program with dances for all age groups
  • The Donauschwäbische Volkstanzgruppe Los Angeles (Danube Swabian Folk Dance Group of LA) performs the “Maibaum Tanz” with the Jugendgruppe under the leadership of Isabell Kerins
  • Claudia Tichy Austrian therapist and author, will read in German from her new book (Tesha Discovers the World – Healing Stories for Children) and will sign copies
  • Cyndie Kasko from Old World Restaurant will spoil us with German Delicatessen
  • Eva Tran PROaupair childcare-from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will have crafts for kids

Please click for event flyer here as pdf


Sea Base Open House 2018

GERMAN SCHOOL campus Open House 2018

What a beautiful day at Sea Base Open House. Kids got an excursion on the water in a Sail boat, Pontoon boat or row the boat and kayak.  They got a hand on fishing and life science.

Principal Ursula Schoeneich worked with children on the “Bridge to Europe” game to wake the interest of another language like German. Children of all ages with or without their parents challenged themselves to find the capital cities of European countries on the map.

The Sea Scouts did very well. Sea Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Cup Scouts raised the American Flag.

German School campus presented the STEM Summer camp program and talked about the opportunities the German language can have and with how much fun the language will be learned . As this was a Community event, German school Campus hand out 100 donuts, treats and balloons to the children.

Oster Fest der German School Campus

Eggstravaganza, dass Oster Fest der German School Campus in Old World Huntington Beach.

Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein konnte das Osterfest der Schule starten. Die Kinder kamen mit ihren Osterkörbchen, um an dem Osterfest teilzunehmen.

Old World hatte 300 gefüllte Ostereier gestiftet, und die German School Campus, vertreten durch Frau Ursula Schoeneich spendeten noch 200 gefüllte Ostereier und viele Preise, für die Aktivitäten.
Aufgeregt warteten die Kinder auf den Start, um mit der Suche nach den Ostereiern durch die kleine Stadt von Old World zu beginnen.

Eier färben

Eier faerbenEs wurden 180 hart gekochte Eier zum Färben der Ostereier bereitgestellt. Die Kinder hatten einen großen Spaß beim Färben, denn für viele Kinder war es das erste Mal.



Das Sackhüpfen ist ein bekanntes, populäres Wettlaufspiel, bei dem die Teilnehmer ihre Beine in einen leeren Sack stecken müssen, der Sackhuepfenihnen bis kurz vor die Hüften reicht. Das Ziel müssen sie erreichen, indem sie den Sack mit beiden Händen nach oben ziehen und so hüpfend um die Wette rennen. Viele Kinder konnten nicht genug davon bekommen und haben es mehrfach versucht. Kinder nahmen nach Altersgruppen am Eierlauf teil:


Das ist der Klassiker unter den Oster-Spielen. Die Eier werden jeweils auf einen Löffel gelegt. Die Mitspieler stellen sich in einer EierlaufenLinie auf und laufen auf Kommando los. Der Löffel darf nur in einer Hand gehalten werden, und man darf die Eier beim Laufen nicht festhalten. Wer als Erster mit seinem Ei ins Ziel kommt, hat gewonnen.

Das Nachmittagsprogramm hatte auch „Face Painting“ vor Ort.

Frau Livia Wielath leitete einen Gruppentanz zum „Lied der Erde – Earth Song.“

Zahlreiche Eltern haben sich herzlich bedankt, für so einen wunderbaren Samstagnachmittag vor Ostern.

Ostereier suchen – Woher kommt diese Tradition?

Aber warum wir Ostereier suchen und wieso sie überhaupt versteckt werden, ist leider unklar. So genau weiß keiner, wie diese Tradition entstanden ist.

Am Ostersonntag werden die Ostereier gesucht; für alle Nicht-Kirchgänger ist dies der wichtigste Teil des ganzen Tages. Jedes Kind freut sich darauf, und weltweit gibt es zu jedem Osterfest öffentliche Veranstaltungen für Jung und Alt, gemeinsam die EiersuchenOstereier zu suchen.

Heutzutage ist es mehr Schokolade, Marzipan und Crème-Füllung, aber das war nicht immer so. Das Osterei ist eines der zentralen Symbole des Osterfestes, und richtige Eier gehörten von Anfang an dazu.

Im Falle der Ostereier besagt die Folklore, dass das Verschenken von Eiern zu Ostara, welches eine heidnische Tradition war, von der Kirche unter Strafe gestellt wurde. Wahrscheinlich, um die alten Traditionen auszurotten und nur noch die kirchlichen Bräuche zu feiern. Um sich bei der Fortsetzung dieses alten Rituals nicht erwischen zu lassen, haben die Anhänger die Eier also nicht mehr persönlich verschenkt, sondern auf den Feldern von Freunden und Familie vergraben und versteckt. Dementsprechend mussten die Ostara-Eier also gesucht werden. Was wir bis heute noch machen.

Frühlingsträume ein Gedicht

Weit zieht der Winter sich zurück,
es grünen Busch und Bäume.
Das Lied der Nachtigall heißt Glück
im Glanz der Frühlingsträume.

Natur uns schon erahnen lässt
was wir bald nicht mehr missen
und weisend auf das Osterfest
blüh´n leuchtend gelb Narzissen.

© Anita Menger

Easter festival of the German School campus

Eggstravaganza that Easter festival of the German School campus in Old World Huntington Beach.

In bright sunshine, the school’s Easter could start. The children came with their Easter baskets to attend Easter.

Old World donated 300 Easter eggs, and the German School Campus , represented by Mrs. Ursula Schoeneich , donated 200 Easter eggs and many prizes for the activities. 
Excitedly, the children waited for the start of the search for Easter eggs through the small town of Old World .

Color eggs

Color eggs180 hard-boiled eggs were prepared for dyeing the Easter eggs. The children had a lot of fun dyeing, because for many children it was the first time.


Sack race

Sack hopping is a well-known, popular race game in which Sack raceparticipants have to put their legs in an empty sack, the until they reach your hips. They have to reach their goal by pulling the bag up with both hands and running to each other in a hurry. Many children could not get enough and tried several times. Children took part in the egg race by age group:

Egg and spoon race

Egg and spoon raceThis is the classic Easter games. The eggs are each placed on a spoon. The players are in one line up and start on command. The spoon should only be held in one hand, and the eggs should not be held while running. Whoever comes first with his egg to the finish, has won.

The afternoon program also had “Face Painting” on site.

Mrs. Livia Wielath led a group dance for “Song of the Earth – Earth Song.”

Many parents thanked us for such a wonderful Saturday afternoon before Easter.

Looking for Easter eggs – where does this tradition come from?

Looking for Easter eggs - where does this tradition come from?But why we are looking for Easter eggs and why they are hidden at all, is unfortunately unclear. Nobody really knows how this tradition came about.

On Easter Sunday, the Easter eggs are sought; for all non-churchgoers this is the most important part of the day. Every child is looking forward to it, and there are public events for young and old, and all over the world, every EasterTo look for Easter eggs.

Nowadays it’s more chocolate, marzipan and cream filling, but that’s not always the case. The Easter egg is one of the central symbols of Easter, and right eggs were part of it from the start.

In the case of Easter eggs folklore states that the gift of eggs to Ostara, which was a pagan tradition, was punishable by the church. Probably to eradicate the old traditions and celebrate only the church customs. So as not to be caught in the continuation of this ancient ritual, the devotees did not give away the eggs in person, but buried and hidden in the fields of friends and family. Accordingly, the Ostara eggs had to be searched for. What we still do today.

Spring dreams a poem

Far winter is coming back, 
there is green bush and trees. 
The song of the nightingale is called luck 
in the splendor of spring dreams.

Nature lets us guess 
what we will not miss soon 
and pointing to the Easter 
bloom blooming yellow daffodils.

© Anita Menger

Old World Euro Bakery

Easter Holiday Pound Cake

Please Pre-Order you holiday pound cake and pick it up at our GERMAN SCHOOL campus Easter Eggstravaganza event:

Saturday March 31st from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Lamb or Bunny Pound Cake $14.95
Cookie Platter (18 cookies) $12.95
4-mini chocolate covered pound cake $12.95

Deadline for orders: March 30th – 5pm

Please call Old World in Huntington Beach (714) 897 1470
or send an email with your order to: [email protected]

I hope to see you all to our free Family Easter Event with lots of Traditional Easter Games and activities like:

  • Easter Egg Hunt around Old World Village
  • Easter Egg coloring
  • Easter Egg Run
  • Sack Race
  • Face painting
  • and a group Dance for all of you to the “Earth song.” We love to meet you!

Please call GERMAN SCHOOL campus (949) 285-0829

Alte Tradition

Ostereier färben

Was gibt es denn schöneres, als einer alten Tradition zu folgen und Ostereier zu färben.

Unsere A1 Klasse hatte sehr viel Spaß dabei.

Es wurden auch Osterkarten bemalt und für die gute Arbeit gab es einen kleinen Schokoladenhasen. 

Am Samstag feiert die Schule das Osterfest mit vielen traditionellen Osterspielen.


Das Osterei als Symbol

Eier waren in der Fastenzeit nicht zugelassen. Die Eier, die während dieser Zeit gelegt wurden, wurden meist hartgekocht und somit haltbar gemacht. Nach vierzig Tagen konnten am Ostersonntag dann erstmals wieder Eier gegessen werden – was liegt da näher, das Ei zu etwas Besonderem an diesem Tag zu machen.

Ostereier färben & dekorieren – Woher kommt dieser Brauch?

Eine besondere Form der Ostereier-Dekorierung sind sorbische Ostereier. Dies ist eine jahrhundertealte Tradition, die größtenteils im Spreewald, eine Region südlich von Berlin, gepflegt wird. Hierbei werden die Eier mit Wachs verziert, gefärbt und abgeschmolzen. Dieser Vorgang wird, je nach Muster und Bedarf, mehrere Male wiederholt. Das Ergebnis sind einzigartig dekorierte Ostereier, die in Mustervielfalt und Farbenpracht kaum zu überbieten sind.


Ostereier schmecken besser –
klar, das weiß doch jedes Kind.
Sie sind ganz besonders lecker,
weil sie so schön farbig sind.

Was das Huhn nicht will begreifen,
weiß schon längst der Osterhas´ –
färbt das Ei, malt Punkte, Streifen
und versteckt es dann im Gras.

Ostersonntag in der Frühe
kommt er auch bei dir vorbei,
gibst du dir dann etwas Mühe –
findest du dein Osterei.

© Anita Menger