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German school campus Fundraiser

Fundraiser to support GERMAN SCHOOL

Want to join me in supporting a good cause? I’m raising money for GERMAN SCHOOL Campus in Newport Beach.
Our scholarship fund needs urgent support so that we can offer more kids a chance to learn German. We are in need to buy 20 computer systems for online exams and training.Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.

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German School Campus Inc
US 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

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German School Campus needs your support!

German School Campus needs your support!

Please help us raise funds to make one year of German language and cultural studies accessible to 10 students.

Please support us!

 Multi Ethnic Students Standing In Front Of German Flag Showing Thumb Up
Multi Ethnic Students Standing In Front Of German Flag Showing Thumb Up

Learning any world language opens the doors for our children to advance in their professional careers later on in life. And learning German in particular could even help your child to study for free at one of the many world-renowned German universities later on. According to a recent study, German is among the top three languages children should learn “…if they’re looking for success in the next 10 years.” (Travel & Leisure)

Here at GermanSchool campus we want to make learning of the German language accessible to any child, who wants to discover the exciting world of getting to know a new culture through its language. “Young minds are so inquisitive and eager to learn. That is the time when we have to help them tackle the study of a new language and acquire a sense for a new culture. It will make them insightful and well-rounded adults.” believes Ursula Schoeneich, GermanSchool campus’ engaged principal and founder.

Alex M and Deputy Consul General Stefan Biedermann presented DSD Diploma
Alex M and Deputy Consul General Stefan Biedermann presented DSD Diploma

Our school provides German classes for the age groups 4 to 17. Comprehensive teaching covers the German language in reading, writing, listening and speaking and our curriculum will immerse students into Germany’s culture, geography and traditions. Classes are purposely held small so teachers can dedicate their attention to the individual student; an environment that enables very focused work towards the German “Sprachdiplom” (German National Exam).

As you get ready for your taxes please keep us and the education of our children in mind – Sponsor a child with your contribution today!

“Americans have used charitable donations to lower their taxable income since World War I”. reports TurboTax, and “…nearly 27 percent of filers take advantage of this tax break, according to a preliminary analysis of 2010 tax returns by the Internal Revenue Service.”

GermanSchool campus is a 501(c) (3) non-profit Public Benefit Corporation and any donation translates into a 100% charitable tax deduction.

Your generous contribution will help transform our youth of today into responsible and aware global citizens of the future.

Please consider German School campus in your gifting this year!