GERMAN SCHOOL campus Martin’s Day

German School campus will perform the St. Martin

The event at Old World Huntington Beach About this Event GERMANSCHOOLcampus will perform the “St.Martin” story, we’ll sing the songs with the children, participate in arts and crafts, and kids will bring their lanterns. We host a drawing contest, for small prizes to win. The Lantern Parade will be in the courtyard at a 6-foot… Continue reading GERMAN SCHOOL campus Martin’s Day

Easter Eggstravaganza 2019

The day could not be more beautiful as we started on Saturday, April 20th at 3:00 pm with Easter Eggstravaganza. After registration at the German School campus booth, families received each child’s participation ticket and three raffle tickets. Small toys, balloons, and lollipops were already handed out. Wonderful Easter pictures have been taken with the… Continue reading Easter Eggstravaganza 2019

Pirates Festival in Old World

Pflaumen und Piraten Festival Old World Huntington Beach GERMAN SCHOOL campus Newport Beach

GERMAN SCHOOL campus Pflaumen und Piraten Festival Das Old World Pflaumen Festival entstand 1995 in Huntington Beach, zu Ehren der Großmutter Elly, die jedes Jahr im August zum Geburtstag ihrer Tochter Dolores einen leckeren Pflaumenkuchen backte. Ihre Kinder Cyndie Kasko und Bernie Bischof führen heute diese Tradition im wunderschönen Kalifornien fort. German School Campus vertreten… Continue reading Pirates Festival in Old World

German Style carnival

GERMAN SCHOOL campus is hosting German Style Carnival Sunday March 3rd at 3PM, FREE ADMISSION. A family fun event with: BERLINER, GAMES, CURRYWURST, DANCES, ACTIVITIES, KRAPFEN. Please download Flyer Where:Old World Huntington BeachBanquet Hall7561 Center Ave #49Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Have your cute costumes on and join us for a fun filled afternoon for the… Continue reading German Style carnival

Easter festival of the German School campus

Eggstravaganza that Easter festival of the German School campus in Old World Huntington Beach. In bright sunshine, the school’s Easter could start. The children came with their Easter baskets to attend Easter. Old World donated 300 Easter eggs, and the German School Campus , represented by Mrs. Ursula Schoeneich , donated 200 Easter eggs and many prizes for the activities.  Excitedly,… Continue reading Easter festival of the German School campus

Maifest and Kinderfest 2018

A Free Event for students and families Location Courtyard in: Old World 7561 Center Ave. #49, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Saturday May 19th, 2018 – 3:00pm to 6:00pm School Director Ursula Schoeneich will lead through the program Livia Wielath from Music to Grow has a program with dances for all age groups The Donauschwäbische Volkstanzgruppe… Continue reading Maifest and Kinderfest 2018

EASTER Eggstravaganza

Easter Eggstravaganza GERMAN SCHOOL 2022 at Old World

Family Event with lots of Easter Games Saturday March 31st from 2:00 – 4:00 pm At Old World in Huntington Beach Host by GERMANSCHOOLcampus A Free Family Easter Event with lots of Traditional Easter Games and activities like: Easter Egg Hunt around Old World Village Easter Egg coloring Easter Egg Run Sack Race Face painting… Continue reading EASTER Eggstravaganza

Oster Fest der German School Campus

Eggstravaganza, dass Oster Fest der German School Campus in Old World Huntington Beach. Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein konnte das Osterfest der Schule starten. Die Kinder kamen mit ihren Osterkörbchen, um an dem Osterfest teilzunehmen. Old World hatte 300 gefüllte Ostereier gestiftet, und die German School Campus, vertreten durch Frau Ursula Schoeneich spendeten noch 200 gefüllte Ostereier und… Continue reading Oster Fest der German School Campus

Schultüten – For All Our New Students

New School Year 2017 / 2018 A new school year started at GermanSchool campus last week with a beloved German tradition: the “Schultüte”, a school-cone! Are you familiar with the tradition of the Schultüte? It’s an oversized cone-shaped goodie bag that is generally filled with candy, small school supply items and other surprises. It marks… Continue reading Schultüten – For All Our New Students

Alaaf! Helau! It’s Carnival Month

German School campus celebrates its third Carnival Season at the School this year. Join us! We invite you to our very own Karneval with fun games, music, and of course lots of traditional ‘Berliners’, a donut-like pastry that is filled with delicious apricot or raspberry jam. It’s been a very special tradition here at our… Continue reading Alaaf! Helau! It’s Carnival Month