GERMAN SCHOOL campus Newport Beach Award Ceremony 2018 German school campus, Newport Beach is a Language School open to all children age 6-17 or if they are enrolled in a High School program. In a special event on Saturday morning German School campus represented by School Director Ms. Ursula Schoeneich honored their outstanding students with… Continue reading GERMAN SCHOOL Awards 2018

German Language and Culture: 6th-12th Grade Afterschool Program

Enrollment School Year 2022 / 2023 ­ ­GERMAN SCHOOL campus is teaching: Math – German – English – Science – Music – Art – Geography D-A-CH for elementary school children of German heritage and non-heritage. Middle and High School students learn German in an afterschool program A1 – C1 to get High School credit and… Continue reading German Language and Culture: 6th-12th Grade Afterschool Program

German language school

GERMANSCHOOLcampus Newport Beach Learn German

German School campus We offer classes for Youth K-12 and Adult Learner Classrooms – Hybrid Classes – Online Classes – German Exam – Tutoring – AP German and Culture – Cultural events ENROLLMENT Why learn German? Earn Credit for High School German Language Diploma B1 / DSD I and C1 / DSD II Study in… Continue reading German language school

German School campus a SPARK school

German School campus is excited to participate as a SPARK school German School campus is excited to participate as a SPARK school. SPARK classes are free of charge. Space is limited. Call now at (949) 285 0829 or Email Classes will take place online Monday afternoon per week for 4 weeks in April. Please… Continue reading German School campus a SPARK school


Accreditation News – We reached a milestone! Besides the accreditation by the ZfA ( Central Agency of German School Abroad) on November 2019 and Pasch-net on October 20th, we received on November 3rd the letter to be accredited by: Ursula Schoeneich, PrincipalGERMAN SCHOOL campus Inc Dear Ursula Schoeneich: The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association… Continue reading GERMAN SCHOOL CAMPUS WASC ACCREDITED

AATG outstanding award

Omeed Abedi Outstanding Senior Award GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Outstanding Senior in German Award recipients are selected for their excellent academic achievement, exceptional commitment to the study of German, and participation in extracurricular activities related to German. The student will receive a special certificate and medal acknowledging their award, a press release to distribute to local media; a congratulatory letter will be sent to… Continue reading AATG outstanding award

Animals of the forest

The second week of German School Summer Camp online This week middle and high school students learned about the animals in the forest. We talked about different categories like mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders, and invertebrates but also about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores, as well as predators and winter sleepers. We read about animals… Continue reading Animals of the forest

Forest 2nd week

Explore the Forest Kindergarten online 2nd week “The forest and its inhabitants” Our project “Explore the forest” challenges the students. The experiences they make are valuable and the learning progress is enormous. You can see how they become discoverers and analysts of their own work. This week we have focused specifically on the birds of… Continue reading Forest 2nd week

forest lapbook

Summer camp german school week 3 elementary

Explore the Forest Elementary class Week 3 As a repetition in week 3, the pupils have created a forest lapbook. With this form of presentation, the children can work on, consolidate and creatively implement lesson topics. The theme of week 3 is “the forest and its inhabitants”.We differentiate between coniferous and deciduous trees, from the… Continue reading forest lapbook

Neues von der ZfA Juni 2020

Neu an Bord: German School Campus in Newport Beach

Neu an Bord: German School Campus in Newport Beach Ein Nachmittag am German School Campus in Newport Beach: Die Lehrerinnen warten schon, als die Schulleiterin Ursula Schöneich pünktlich mit ihrem Kombi eintrifft. Schnell sind der Pavillon, der Banner der Schule, mehrere Kisten mit Unterrichtsmaterial und Verpflegung für die Pause ausgeladen. Die Schule hat Räume bei… Continue reading Neues von der ZfA Juni 2020