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Global education in schools

learning a foreign language is designed to build “global competence” in students. Students are investigating the world beyond their immediate environment; to recognize differing perspectives including others’ and their own; to effectively communicate ideas, in multiple languages, with diverse audiences; and to take action to improve conditions.

California is at the cutting edge of technological change, demographic transformation, and international engagement. It has the country’s largest population, and is its biggest producer of agricultural and manufactured goods, its main exporter and importer, and a leading center for higher education, research, the media, and philanthropy. Its population is the most international; more than a quarter of the state’s residents were born in another country. But habits of thought and structures date from the mid-twentieth century, when California was turned inward. California today lacks ideas, institutions, and policies commensurate with its global stakes and clout.

Global California
Rising to the Cosmopolitan Challenge


GERMAN SCHOOL campus is teaching German as foreign language.

Old World Euro Bakery

Easter Holiday Pound Cake

Please Pre-Order you holiday pound cake and pick it up at our GERMAN SCHOOL campus Easter Eggstravaganza event:

Saturday March 31st from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Lamb or Bunny Pound Cake $14.95
Cookie Platter (18 cookies) $12.95
4-mini chocolate covered pound cake $12.95

Deadline for orders: March 30th – 5pm

Please call Old World in Huntington Beach (714) 897 1470
or send an email with your order to: [email protected]

I hope to see you all to our free Family Easter Event with lots of Traditional Easter Games and activities like:

  • Easter Egg Hunt around Old World Village
  • Easter Egg coloring
  • Easter Egg Run
  • Sack Race
  • Face painting
  • and a group Dance for all of you to the “Earth song.” We love to meet you!

Please call GERMAN SCHOOL campus (949) 285-0829



With our colorful variety of topics from different areas, we set varied impulses and create with short positive contributions an entertaining reading pleasure.

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Mit unserer bunten Themenvielfalt aus unterschiedlichsten Bereichen setzen wir abwechslungsreiche Impulse und schaffen mit kurzen positiven Beiträgen ein unterhaltsames Lesevergnügen.

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Explain the word “Kaffeeklatsch”

How to explain the word “Kaffeeklatsch” better, than doing it.
Our students loved to get spoiled in Monday’s class with cake and hot chocolate. Vokabularien: der Teller, die Gabel, die Serviette, der Becher, der Kuchen, die Torte, die Brötchen, der Kakao, Tisch decken, stellen, legen, mögen. Phrase like: “ Ich decke den Tisch,“ „die Serviette wird gefaltet,“ „die Gabel liegt rechts,“ guten Appetit,“ „das schmeckt lecker,“ ich mag die Torte.“

Learning a Language like German can be relevant and practical, not just passive and theoretical. Our Students learn better when they are actively engaged in the learning process. They all love and enjoy this.

German schools abroad

The value contributions of the German schools abroad

Eight social value contributions make clear what the German schools abroad do. These value contributions together make up the public value of the schools.

Education “Made in Germany”

High-quality education is one of the core values ​​of German schools abroad. Schools around the world stand for sound knowledge transfer and excellent pedagogical support. Her trademark is the internationally recognized German school qualifications, such as the Abitur. The federal and state governments work together to ensure uniform quality standards; experienced teaching and management staff from Germany ensure their compliance. This enables education “Made in Germany” at a consistently high level.

Encounter of cultures and international understanding
 Encounter of cultures and international understanding

German schools abroad strengthen intercultural exchange. The majority of schools are “encounter schools”. There children and young people from different countries and cultures learn together. Classes are usually multilingual. The schools teach and live cosmopolitanism and thus make an important contribution to international understanding. They raise awareness of study and work opportunities around the world. At the same time they create a close bond with Germany, where many foreign students study after graduation and enter the profession.

Partner of the economy

Many German companies are world leaders in their industries. The German Schools Abroad are an important part of this success story. Whether in industrialized or emerging countries: company employees posted abroad can count on their German children being educated in Germany. The graduates of the schools also have access to highly qualified specialists familiar with the German language and culture. Thus, the German schools abroad can help to solve the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.

Reliable charitable status

The German schools abroad are not profit-oriented schools. As a rule, they are carried by non-profit school associations or foundations. The public-private partnership provides schools with a high degree of economic autonomy, but can charge lower school fees than other international schools. They also offer various scholarship programs. Thus, the German schools abroad are an educational elite that is open to gifted students from all social classes.

Business card for Germany

The German schools abroad teach what Germany stands for. In Germany, they make it possible to experience what Germany is all about: strong education and strong values, such as democracy, equal opportunity and performance orientation. The German schools abroad traditionally support Germany’s foreign cultural and educational policy. In this way, they contribute to sustainable success in competition with other nations (“nation branding”).

Impulse generator and innovator

The German Schools Abroad offer great potential for initiating innovation in the education system – in Germany as well as in the respective home country. Teachers can contribute their experience abroad after returning to Germany, for example when teaching pupils from different cultures. Also in terms of full-day care, multilingualism and integration, the foreign schools can provide valuable impulses.

Reference point for the German community abroad

For Germans living abroad, the German schools abroad are often not only the first address for the education of their children. The schools also provide a place of community to cultivate their own cultural roots. They enable Germans abroad to maintain a bond with Germany and to maintain a German identity. The schools also create networks that ensure rapid access.

German educational ideals
 German educational ideals

The German Schools Abroad teach more than school knowledge. They make an important contribution worldwide to promote the German language and culture. Children of Germans living abroad speak their language, children from the home country learn it and use it in everyday life. The German schools abroad teach values ​​and knowledge. They promote a sympathetic Germany with convincing educational ideals.

Movie at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Film screening with the support of the Goethe-Institut

1931 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach CA 92663
Saturday March 17th, 5:00pm – 7:00 pm

Germany (2017), 97 min. DIGITAL
German with English Subtitles FSK (no age restriction)
Director: Christian Theede Screenplay: Dirk Ahner
Cinematography: The Chau Ngo
Cast: Marleen Quentin, Ruben Storck, Emilia Flint, Luke Matt Röntgen, Leo Gapp, Devdi Striesow, Katharina Wackernagel
Producers: Michael Lehmann, Kerstin Ramcke, Holger Ellermann
Production Company: Letterbox Filmproduktion, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Senator Film Produktion

Young amateur detectives Mia (Marleen Quentin), Benny (Ruben Storck), and Alice (Emilia Flint) solve crimes in their big-city hometown of Hamburg, Germany. Because they are small, fiery, tough, and as a group, pack a powerful punch, they are known as The Peppercorns. Before their summer class trip to the Gruber family’s mountain ranch, Mia’s young friend Luca Gruber (Leo Gapp) warns them not to come. Luca fears that his search for the fabled treasure of the Black King has cursed the ranch. When the class arrives, a series of mysterious events seem to confirm Luca’s fears. What is behind the curse? Where will the clues lead them? Is the ranch really under the spell of an evil mountain spirit, or is someone trying to put the Grubers out of business? This is a case for the Peppercorns. With the assistance of their new classmate Johannes (Luke Matt Röntgen), the young sleuths use their combined skills to unravel this mountain mystery and hope to save the Gruber’s ranch. Full of suspense, action, and adventure, Christian Theede’s film brings the beloved German television series to the big screen.

Summer is Next! Join us for our STEM Language –Science Camp

Summer is Next! Join us for our STEM Language –Science Camp

“Earth, Water, Air, Fire” – Be one of our young scientists at our STEM Summer Camp at the Newport Sea Base

Finding a meaningful camp that enriches our children as much as it provides fun, is hard work. GermanSchoolcampus offers the Orange County community just that with its STEM summer camp right at the beautiful Sea Base in Newport Beach, from July 3-8, 2017.

Following in the footsteps of famous scientists, children ages 6-17 will get immersed into hands-on scientific experiments while playfully being introduced to the German language and culture. But being at the Newport Bay means also water is part of every day’s fun at camp.

Brace yourself because our language-science camp is also an adventure camp!

Games and art activities are just some of the ways we will explore the different elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Be ready to go on some exciting excursions on a pontoon boat and check out a local sea bass hatchery in the Newport Bay, or hoist the sails and use wind power to move yourself across the Bay. How about kayaking or building a solar powered hydro car?

Germany is one of the most sustainable industrial countries (Facts about Germany) and is Europe’s top recycler (Eurostats). In our STEM camp you will learn a lot, not only about the various environments but also about sustainability, recycling, clean air solutions, wind power and much more.

Learn German playfully.

All along, while experimenting and having fun in the water, German language terms and vocabulary will subtly be introduced at the beginner level while more advanced groups will try to incorporate German as a “working” language throughout their camp explorations. For a complete schedule of events please click here.

To freshen up any newly learned vocabulary or just to impress parents and friends, every camper will receive a folder that will include new and important vocabulary, have a lesson outline and will serve as a general guideline throughout the camp.

STEM Language-Science Camp: The perfect union between learning German and experiencing Science first hand.

Ursula Schoeneich, GermanSchoolCampus’ principal and a certified DaF German Language Teacher worked for 25 years as an executive in the sustainable recycling industry. She designed this camp to be the perfect union between learning German and learning about science in an environment that also promises fun adventures.

“My goal is to engage and captivate the minds of my young campers with topics and projects that they can relate to. Their having fun is as important to me as their learning experience.”

STEM Summer Day Camp 2017 – “Earth, Water, Air, Fire”
Dates: July 3rd – 8th (no camp on July 4th),
Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Location: Newport Sea Base -1931 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach CA 92663
Cost: $ 465.00

Please Sign Up Here or call us at (949)  285  0829

MARK your CALENDAR for these UPCOMING Dates:

May 6th – Join us for Open House this Saturday from 10am – 2pm. Lots of fun activities await.

May 13th – We are at Scout-O-Rama with Troop 90. Families there can play the Europe Game and Boy Scouts can get the Interpreter Strip “German”!

July 1st – Join us for our End-of-the-Year Award Ceremony! Enjoy breakfast with your family, friends and GermanSchoolCampus staff. From 10:00am -12:00pm.

July 3rd – 8th – Summer STEM – Language Camp at GermanSchoolCampus. Come and have fun with us at the Bay!

German School Campus is gearing up for the German National Exam

German School Campus is gearing up for the German National Exam


An exciting month is ahead of us. It’s German National Exam Time!

April is the month where we can show off what we have studied for so hard all year. Our German language skills are under the spotlight ! AATG testing (American Association of Teachers for German), which is also known as the German National Exam, is scheduled for this month and our students are ready to proof their knowledge of the German language!

The April AATG test is the first one in a series of four, that students can take. All following German National Tests are being held in the winter semester .

Participating in AATG tests has a number of benefits:
  • Working towards a goal respectively a test, motivates and inspires the students to give their best.
  • Students may have the benefit of being placed in a higher-level language class at their high school (given the school offers classes in German)
  • These tests are a great preparation for high school students, who work towards taking the SAT subject tests: ‘German’ or ‘German with Listening’, which in turn will help their overall SAT scores for their college applications.
  • Working toward a test makes studying more streamlined since very particular material has to be covered.

In 2016 an astounding 26,572 students from nearly 700 schools all over the U.S. have participated in the AATG testings. All our German School Campus students, who took part in last year’s AATG 4 testing, have finished with a gold medal. So our bar is set high for our students, who are taking the AATG 1 this April!

German School Campus, a Specialist in German Language Test Preparation

We at German School Campus take testing seriously and leave nothing to chance.
We prepare our students well not only in the specifics of the German language but also in the technicalities of the test taking itself. This alone can sometimes be challenging if it has not been practiced.

In the last month leading up to the exam we make time to work with our students also on the actual test taking and initiate mock test situations. That way our students learn how to navigate the particular AATG test format and will be able to access videos, reading material and audios as well as their actual test material simultaneously when needed.

How do the AATG Tests work?

Each AATG exam is delivered in electronic format and consists of two parts, a 40-minute listening and viewing portion (audios and videos) and a 45-minute reading portion that includes printed text but also graphs and images that need to get interpreted. Each of those two parts has 50 questions in the style of multiple choice, matching and true/false. AATG offers some sample tests on their website so one can get familiarized with the format.

German School Campus will hold its German National Test on April 22nd, 2017.

Have any questions? We are here to help.

Contact us by phone (949)  285  0829 or send us an email at [email protected]

What makes Germany such a strong international education partner

What makes Germany such a strong international education partner

Ten reasons why contact is worthwhile on matters of scholarship and learning.

Kraftwerksturbine - Made in Germany - Made by SIEMENS
Kraftwerksturbine – Made in Germany – by SIEMENS

Germany’s dual vocational education system successfully provides skills training for young people. Dual vocational education programs last between two and three years and are offered in 330 recognized occupations. The system combines theoretical and practical learning and is considered an international model.

STUDENTS at some 2,000 schools worldwide can gain a solid grounding in German, among other things, in order to later study for a degree or pursue a career in Germany. The initiative Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH) is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

In 2016 the number of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in German HIGHER EDUCATION reached the record level of roughly 321,000. One of the reasons for Germany’s popularity with STUDENTS from abroad is the fact that it offers over 1,300 foreign-language and international degree programs, the majority of them in English.

Young people can study for a German degree without even leaving their home country. GERMAN UNIVERSITIES and degree programs have been established in many countries – from Egypt to Vietnam – as part of the transnational education effort. Great emphasis is attached to education partnership here.

A PhD is regarded not only as the key to an academic career, but also as the turbo charger for a successful career in industry. Germany offers many opportunities to complete a PhD. In addition to the “traditional” route based on individual research, there are some 700, often internationally oriented PhD programs.

Many postdoctoral researchers opt for a career in Germany. Why? Non-university research institutions like the MAX PLANCK SOCIETY and the Fraunhofer-Gesell­schaft are globally renowned and well connected. Their projects are interesting and interdisciplinary and the working conditions attractive.

In international comparisons, the German labor market is considered robust, transparent and dynamic. At the same time, many promising occupations today lack young skilled employees. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is sending a message to international specialists with the initiative Make It in Germany.

The brightest minds find an innovative environment in Germany. Excellent – and sometimes globally unique – research facilities are of special interest to internationally oriented researchers, who are attracted by highly competitive infrastructures – ranging from particle accelerators to super-intense lasers.

Many German companies are very attractive for employees around the world. They often stand for innovation, quality, engineering excellence and reliability. German firms are also sought-after EMPLOYERS because they offer their employees good working conditions and a modern work-life balance.

“Integration through education” is a key area of German refugee policy. The Federal Ministry of Education is supporting the integration of refugees with two large packages of measures – they range from German LANGUAGE courses to vocational training or HIGHER EDUCATION programs.