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It’s a Tradition! Christmas Markets are around Germany

Dated back to 1434 the first Dresdner “Striezelmarkt,” as so called

“Weihnachtsmarkt,” was opened as street market.

These markets are open during the December months in German cities as well as Austria and Switzerland. Traditionally held in the town square, the market has food, drinks, and seasonal items from open-air stalls accompanied by traditional singing. Popular attractions at the markets include the Nativity Scene, Nussknacker (carved nutcrackers), Gebrannte Mandeln (candied, toasted almonds), traditional Christmas cookies such as Lebkuchen, and Magenbrot (both forms of soft gingerbread) and Printen.

Bratwurst, and for many visitors one of the highlights of the market: Glühwein, hot mulled wine (with or without a shot of brandy), or Eierpunsch (an egg-based warm alcoholic drink help stave off the cold winter air which sometimes dips below freezing. More regional food specialties include Christstollen (Stollen), a sort of bread with candied fruit and hot Apfelwein (apple cider) come from different areas in Germany.

Pls come with your family and join this year “Weihnachtsmarkt,” in Old World courtyard, at 7561 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA.

Get your Gingerbread House reserved through Eventbrite. Buy Tickets!

Days open on Sunday, December 6th, 13th, and 20th time 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm and Saturday’s December 12th and 19th time 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Christmas Market OLD WORL flyer

Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House Decorating Contest Enjoy one of our most popular school events for all kids and visit the Christmas Market

German School campus will work with children on the famous Gingerbread house Decorating contest on all the market days.

GERMAN SCHOOL campus Martin’s Day

Event at Old World Huntington Beach

About this Event

GERMANSCHOOLcampus will perform the “St.Martin” story, we'll sing the songs with the children, participate in arts and crafts, kids will bring their lanterns. We host a drawing contest, for small prizes to win.

The Lantern Parade will be in the courtyard with a 6-foot distance to each other. We will not miss it and hope to have it all back in a bigger style by next year.

Please reserve your table here, we have only limited places available, first come first server: YES Please I like to reserve a space.

We will celebrate St. Martin’s Day differently this year under the CDC guidelines. Make your reservation to a table at Old World Restaurant in advance. Face masks required.

Wednesday, November 11th, 6 PM
Old World Restaurant (Outside Courtyard)
7561 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Cost: Free

Event Produced by GERMANSCHOOLcampus
For more information: 949.285,0829
mailto:[email protected]

Martin's Day is celebrated the same way as in Germany. The nights before and on the night of Nov. 11. Children walk in processions carrying lanterns, which they made in school, and sing Martin songs.

Wie feiert man Ostern in ÖSterreich?

Ostern in Österreich ist mit einer Vielzahl an Bräuchen und Traditionen verbunden. Angefangen von kunterbunten Ostereiern, Genuss besonderer Osterspeisen bis hin zum Osterfeuer.
Das Osterfest gehört in Österreich zu den größten Feierlichkeiten im Jahr.

Eine Woche vor Ostern: Palmsonntag, Palmkätzchen

Palmkatzerl-Sträußchen werden gerne auch zu Hause in einer Vase gemeinsam mit den dottergelb blühenden Frühjahrsboten, den Forsythien, gestellt und mit bunt gestalteten Ostereiern dekoriert. Ausgeblasene Eier werden bemalt, bestickt und verschiedenst verziert.


Kunterbuntes Ostern

Ostern ohne Eier ist unvorstellbar in Österreich.
Ob als Dekoration oder als Gaumenschmaus.
Nicht nur das Ostereier suchen ist für Kinder das reine Vergnügen.
Versteckt vom „Osterhasen“ geht es auf die Suche nach den kleinen Osternester gefüllt mit süßen schokoladigen Ostereiern und Schokoladehasen.

Egg coloring at home – Eierfaerben zu Hause

Ostereier Nest

Während die Kinder sich über die Schokolade-Eier hermachen, genießen die Erwachsenen zünftige Osterjausen mit leicht süßlichem Osterbrot, belegt mit geselchten Osterschinken, geriebenen Kren und hart gekochten Eiern. Natürlich darf auch das süße Brauchtumsgebäck zu Ostern nicht fehlen. Aufgetischt werden hier Osterpinzen, Osterstriezel und Osterkränze aus Germteig sowie das gebackene Osterlamm.


Traditionelle Osterbräuche in Österreich:

Ratschen, Osterfeuer, Weihfeuertragen, Godnküpfi, Ostermärkte

Kinder mit sogenannten „Ratschen“, hölzernen Klapperinstrumenten gehen durch die Dörfer und sagen Sprüche auf. Dafür gibt es Ostereier.
Das Osterfeuer wird in der Nacht von Karsamstag auf Ostersonntag aus Abfallholz von Stauden und Weinreben angezündet.
Das Godnknüpfi, ein selbstgebackenes Germgebäck wird von den Pateneltern an die Patenkinder übergeben.
Ostermärkte finden in jedem Bundeland statt, dort gibt es Kunsthandwerke, aufwendig gestaltete Ostereier, Frühlingsdekoration für Zuhause und kulinarische Köstlichkeiten.

How do you celebrate Easter in Austria?

Easter in Austria is connected with a variety of traditions. Starting with colorful Easter eggs, enjoyment of special Easter dishes up to the Easter fire.
Easter is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Austria.

One week before Easter: Palm Sunday

Palmkatzerl bouquets are often placed in a vase at home together with the yolk yellow flowering spring messengers, the forsythia, and decorated with colorful Easter eggs. Blown out eggs are painted, embroidered and decorated in various ways.

Colorful Easter:

Easter without eggs is unimaginable in Austria.
Whether as decoration or as a culinary treat.
Looking for Easter eggs is a pleasure for children.
Hidden by the “Easter Bunny” they search for the little Easter nests filled with sweet chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies.
While the children make a run for the chocolate eggs, the adults enjoy an Easter snack with sweet Easter bread, topped with smoked Easter ham, grated horseradish, and hard-boiled eggs. The sweet traditional Easter pastry is also a must. Easter Pinze, Easter Striezel made of yeast dough as well as the baked Easter lamb.

Traditional Easter celebrations in Austria:
Ratschen, Easter fires, Godnküpfi, Easter markets

Children with “Ratschen”, wooden rattle instruments, walk through the villages.
The Easter fire is lit on the night from Holy Saturday to Easter Sunday from waste wood.
The Godnknüpfi, a home-made yeast pastry is handed over to the godchildren by the godparents.
Easter markets are held in every federal state, where you can find handicrafts, elaborately designed Easter eggs, spring decorations for home and culinary delicacies.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest & Party

Enjoy one of our most popular school events for all kids. This is a lot of fun and the school year highlight they are all waiting for. Gingerbread house or also “Hexenhaus” decorating contest and our traditional Year end party at German School campus. Come and enjoy this day with the kid's and family. Please make your reservation, places are limited and they fill fast.

Please register today, just click on the link below – do not miss it!

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest & Party

Please make a reservation soon: ages from 4 – 17 years.

We ask for a donation of $ 25 per Hexenhaus towards the material.

See more School Events

Easter Eggstravaganza 2019

The day could not be more beautiful as we started on Saturday, April 20th at 3:00 pm with Easter Eggstravaganza.

After registration at the German School campus booth, families received for each child the participation tickets and three raffle tickets. Small toy items, balloons, and lollipops were already handed out.

Wonderful Easter pictures have been taken with the families or individual child/ren. Silly preps like frames, big sunglasses or event he huge white Easter stuffed bunny were appreciated in the pictures. Alex Morgenstern took professionally the pictures and Alwin printed the pictures right away to hand out to the families. A big thank you to Alwin Morgenstern

Alex Morgenstern
Alex Morgenstern took professionally the pictures

One German tradition is to color the Easter eggs and teachers took on this challenge to first broil 360 white eggs and then to help children in the Easter Egg coloring. We had two tables set up with several activities around Easter egg coloring. Colored eggs went fast.

Easter egg coloring german school campus newport beach
Easter Egg coloring

The Potatoes sack hop was a fun activity in which teacher Michele Scofield leads the races. Children were encouraged to participate by age groups starting at age 4 to age 13+. To step in a sack and hop around parkour of cones was challenging.

Potatoes sack hop german school campus newport beach
The Potatoes sack hop

The egg balancing or egg run was something some children never did before and as teachers we gave them support so all age groups could participate. An egg on a spoon needed to be balanced in parkour around cones.

egg balancing german school campus newport beach
The egg balancing or egg run

Everyone was waiting for the countdown to Easter egg hunt in the village of Old World. As we had a long registration line, we got delayed on our schedule but as the eggs were spread out, we could not hold back the children and they ran to catch some eggs for their baskets. It was good to have very young children search first, then the school aged children. Those children who caught nothing could come to the German School booth and Frau Schoeneich filled their baskets with eggs or some treats. Two golden eggs brought 10 more raffle tickets for a family. Throughout all the games, children earned free raffle tickets.

The egg balancing or egg run
The egg balancing or egg run

The highlight became the Raffle and as all was free, families lined up to be present when the numbers were announced.

Several small prices like Lindt chocolate bunnies, scrabble games were handed out, before the last four big items were announced.
A big white bunny was the 4th price and got a new home with small children.

A big white bunny was the 4th price

A big white bunny was the 4th price

Peter Rabbit a big stuffed bunny was the 3rd price and was taken by a little girl.

Peter Rabbit a big stuffed bunny was the 3rd price

Peter Rabbit a big stuffed bunny was the 3rd price

The Old-World Supermarket Easter basket filled with German delicatessen was hand out to a lady who was so surprised.
Our first price Hoppel Schlenkerhase a stuffed bunny with the yellow button in his ear made by the company Steiff in Germany found a four-year-old boy who was sleeping in mothers’ arms but became awake as we hand him out, Hoppel.

The Old-World Supermarket Easter basket

The Old-World Supermarket Easter basket

What a wonderful event and I cannot thank enough the teachers and helpers on that day.

Frau Schoeneich / Founder and Principal of German School campus.


Ostern ist ein Fest, das gern mit der Familie gefeiert wird.

Über die Jahrhunderte entwickelten sich in den Regionen Deutschlands unterschiedliche Bräuche, die heute mit viel Liebe und Sinn für Tradition gepflegt werden.

Der lang ersehnte Frühling hält Einzug in die Natur und ist besonders zur Osterzeit zu bewundern. Schon Goethe hat in seinem lyrischen Klassiker „Osterspaziergang“ das Brauchtum zu Ostern einen Spaziergang durch die Natur zu unternehmen, beschrieben. Hasen sind die ersten Tiere, die im Frühjahr ihre Jungen bekommen und gelten deshalb als Fruchtbarkeitssymbol. Hasen und Eier sind ein Zeichen der Fruchtbarkeit.

Weil das Verspeisen von Eiern während der Fastenzeit verboten war, spielte das Hühnerei auch als Lebensmittel eine große Rolle. Denn hartgekocht hielt sich das Grundnahrungsmittel lang und konnte am Ende der Fastenzeit noch genüsslich verspeist werden.

Die heutigen sorbischen Ostereier gehen auf eine alte Verzierungstechnik der frühen Sorben aus der Lausitz hervor. Weil nach christlicher Sitte am Karfreitag die Arbeit ruhen sollte, bemalten die Lausitzer Serben stattdessen Hühnereier für das bevorstehende Osterfest.

Zu Ostern ist die beste Gelegenheit, die Familie einzuladen und gemütlich am reichlich gedeckten und geschmückten Ostertisch zu sitzen. Die Auswahl für das Ostergebäck reicht vom leckeren Hefezopf bis zum saftigen Osterkuchen. Neben allen Köstlichkeiten, die man backt, erfreut ein duftendes Osternest auf dem Tisch die Gemüter. Das Gebäck ist ein Hefeteigkranz mit einem roten Osterei in der Mitte. Wir wünschen: “Frohe Ostern“.

Vor dem Frühstück am Ostersonntag ist es eine beliebte Tradition die Kinder mit dem Ostereiern suchen, oder dem Nest suchen, im Garten oder in der Wohnung. zu überraschen.

Beim Familien Frühstück werden kleine Wettkämpfe ausgefochten: Zwei hartgekochte, bunte Eier werden mit der Spitze aneinandergeschlagen. Derjenige, dessen Eierspitze nicht zerbricht, gewinnt und spielt weiter. Dieses Spiel heißt „Ostereier Ditschen“.


Easter is a feast that is often celebrated with the family.

Over the centuries different customs developed in the regions of Germany, which are cultivated today with much love and sense for tradition.

The long-awaited spring is coming into nature and can be admired especially at Easter time. In his lyrical classic “Osterspaziergang” (Easter walk) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already described the Easter tradition of taking a walk-through nature.

Rabbits are the first animals to have their young in spring and are therefore regarded as a symbol of fertility. Rabbits and eggs are a sign of fertility.

Because the eating of eggs was forbidden during Lent, the hen's egg also played an important role as food. Because hard-boiled the basic food held itself long and could be eaten at the end of the chamfering period still with relish.

Today's Sorbian Easter eggs are based on an old decoration technique of the early Sorbs from Lusatia. Because according to Christian custom the work should rest on Good Friday, the Lusatian Serbs painted chicken eggs instead for the forthcoming Easter.
Easter is the best time to invite the family and sit comfortably at the richly decorated Easter table. The choice for the Easter biscuits ranges from the delicious yeast plait to the juicy Easter cake. In addition to all the delicacies you can bake, a fragrant Easter nest on the table will delight your tempers. The pastry is a yeast dough wreath with a red Easter egg in the middle. We wish: “Happy Easter”.
Before breakfast on Easter Sunday, it is a popular tradition for children to surprise with Easter eggs or nest in the garden or apartment.

At the family breakfast small competitions are fought out: Two hard boiled, colored eggs are beaten together with their tips. The one whose egg tip does not break wins and continues to play. This game is called “Easter Eggs Ditschen”.

Easter Eggstgravaganza 2019

A Free Family Event with lots of activities hosted by German School campus in Old World Village, Huntington Beach.
Traditional Easter Egg Hunt in the village, Egg race, Egg coloring and many crafts table organized by the teachers of German School, many games and lots of fun for everyone. Get a picture at the Silly Photo Booth, have your face painted and carry home many treats for Eastern.

German Style carnival

GERMAN SCHOOL campus is hosting German Style Carnival

Sunday March 3rd at 3PM, FREE ADMISSION. A family fun event with: BERLINER, GAMES, CURRYWURST, DANCES, ACTIVITIES, KRAPFEN. Please download Flyer

Old World Huntington Beach
Banquet Hall
7561 Center Ave #49
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Have your cute costumes on and join us for a fun filled afternoon for the kids and families with lots of activities hosted by the Teachers of  German School campus.

We start at 3:00pm , come in time to get the most out of all games and dances.

Old World will host with good food like the traditional “Currywurst”, with coffee and the famous “Berliner”, we never miss in a German style Carnival.

For questions to this event, please contact the German School
[email protected]

28th February – 5th March 2019 is the real Cologne Carnival.

The “fifth season of the year” as Carnival is called, begins on November 11th at 11:11 a.m. But the real “crazy days” do not start before the so-called Weiberfastnacht (Shrove Thursday), the Thursday before Rosenmontag (Carnival Monday). The “crazy days” of Carnival are celebrated with parties on the streets, in public squares and in pubs. German School campus brings Carnival to Huntington Beach as our principal Frau Schoeneich is from the Rhineland!