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The vocational training as a cook

The concept of vocational training is based on dual training, a combination of vocational school and the imparting of practical skills in selected companies.

We, the GermanSchool Campus of Culinary Arts, are offering this apprenticeship as a cook in the fall of 2022 / 2023, a new type of training in the USA.

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have recognized and established this dual education for decades in German-speaking countries.

This unique and special training concept provides the trainees with all the theoretical and practical knowledge required by the market in a 3-year training course.

A high-quality degree with a recognized certificate guarantees the trainees an optimal start in their working life. In addition, the trainees receive a training allowance, and graduate according to the year of training, to cover the basic costs of living.

Here you will find some key points of the training focus on the technical content of the training.

Apprenticeship description

Vocational training shall cover at least the following skills and knowledge:

  • vocational training, labor, and collective bargaining law
  • structure and organization of the training company
  • safety and health at work
  • environmental protection
  • dealing with guests, advice, and sales
  • use of equipment, machines, and consumer goods, work planning
  • hygiene
  • kitchen area
  • service area
  • office organization and communication
  • merchandise management
  • advertising and sales promotion
  • apply work and kitchen technology procedures
  • preparations of herbal food
  • making soups and sauces
  • preparation of fish, shellfish, and crustaceans
  • processing of meat and offal
  • processing of game and poultry
  • making hors d’oeuvres and preparing cold cuts
  • preparation of dairy products and eggs
  • production and processing of doughs and masses
  • manufacture of desserts