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I believe I’m lucky to have my 2 children enrolled at the German School Campus where https://www.germanschoolcampus.com/about-us/ and her assisting teachers have the ability to grab and keep students’ attention and convey complex information easily. To break the complexity of learning a foreign language, a teacher has to be patient and innovative. I’ve seen how a few jokes during the class, props and stories have helped a great deal in explaining things clearly and getting students involved, especially with my son’s preparatory classes for AP Exam.
This has proven so far to be an excellent methodology – worked for both my children who have been awarded the Golden Place for AATG National German Exam.
Though AP subjects are quite full of complex material, yet Frau Ursula’s interactive teaching methods engaged students in open discussions and posing arguments from their readings which made it easy for her AP students to digest the material and gain confidence for the State Exam.
Thank you Tareq, Newport Beach CA

I can’t thank you enough. I’m so so so proud of you as their teacher and of them as my children.
Best, Inas, Newport Beach CA

My kids had learned German for 8 years but when we relocated to USA, I could only afford American schools. The biggest challenge was for them to keep up with the English language spoken around them. That being said, the sacrifice of course was to give up on the German language they loved and learned for years! Luckily, I have reached out to the German School Campus and enrolled my kids. It was our golden chance to have the children refresh their memory and bring back all the German vocabulary lost in California. But that was not even one tenth what my 2 kids achieved at the school! German School campus teachers are so friendly, talented in making class a fun experience and specialized in providing the required tutoring for German Accreditation exams, like AATG.

Congratulation on the AATG 4 Exam in which you scored high.You will receive a Gold medal!” That note we received after my son took the exam was thrilling, because AATG exam is a stepping stone also DSD I and DSDII in a path for my kids to resume their college degrees in top universities in Germany if they choose to. And this is an option I always wanted to offer them.

Celebrating all the German festivals, eating German dishes are great excitement; making German friends, living a typical German culture and earning top German accreditation on US land are things I never imagined would happen. But gratefully, they did – we got it all at the German School Campus 🙂

Ursula, as School Director and Teacher you are a person one could write poetry about, and yet no words will be enough to describe your strenuous efforts with the children, how capable you are in mastering your profession and most of all your kindness and big heart !
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach CA

Thank u for doing a wonderful job with our kids. Leo loved the German class. Happy holidays!
Deborah, Irvine CA

Student German School Campus Summer Camp STEM:
Ja, Pirouz erinnert sich mit der Zeit doch oft an Dinge die Sie ihm beigebracht haben, und ich bin beeindruckt wie viel Sie ihm in kurzer Zeit beigebracht haben.
Vielen Dank,
Liebe Grüsse,
Susan S. & Ingo R., Irvine CA

Amazing Program for Shayan!
Thanks so much for your effort and Frau. Muller’s.
Shayan is so happy today with the knowledge and info she has learned about generating energy from wind. But more excited about the German words coming back to her mind and told me she wanted to continue speaking with you and fr. Muller the whole day, bec. Deutsche and wonderful school days from back home are finally coming back!!  Unbelievable expression of how she feels and which we rarely get from Shayan. I appreciate your effort and creativity.
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach CA

Thanks so much Frau Ursula and Frau Muller! My daughter Shayan has enjoyed the Science and Environment Program for this Summer Camp a great deal and it’s only the third day! Today, her dad was overwhelmed by the knowledge she’s gained on new energy and sustainability methods…she’s so proud today of herself speaking this much German Vocabulary that is coming back after 2 years away from her German School back home. ” Deutsche is coming back, I’m getting it all back because we’ve spoken so much of Deutsche”!
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach CA

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