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Frau Schoeneich, die online Unterrichtsklassen mit Frau Würfler sind sehr gut!
A.M. / Aliso Viejo CA

Vielen Dank liebe Frau Würfler für die lehrreichen Wochen über den Wald!! Wir werden unsere kleine Klasse vermissen!
Tom H. / CA

Awesome Ursula! Thank you so much for another great year. You’re such a fantastic teacher and the kids really enjoy the German class. I hope you have a relaxing summer. Stay safe and healthy.
Cynthia C. / South Korea

Experience the German language:
Today we had a special zoom meeting with three guests from Germany, ZfA advisor Mr. Matthias, student Tarek and Ali, some students of the German School campus, our teachers Mrs. Reuther-Roche and Mrs. Wuerfler and Mrs. Schoeneich.
Our students were able to listen to the stories of two refugees from Syria and Iraq, who came at the age of 15 years (Tarek all alone, Ali with family) in inflatable boats across the Mediterranean to Greece and then via Hungary to Germany.
What an amazing opportunity for the kids! My boys have been studying the Syrian Civil War and the Migration crisis in their Model United Nations classes in High School. Communicating live with two people who experienced the situation first-hand reinforced what they learned along with bringing new insights and perspectives.

Thank you German School campus for setting up this very educational and thoughtful meeting! My two sons found it to be a fascinating and very thought-provoking experience.
Gene W. / Huntington Beach, CA

Liebe Frau Schoeneich,
Möchten uns auf diesem Weg ganz herzlich bei Ihnen bedanken. Nate ist nach wie vor daran interessiert sein Deutsch mit Ihnen weiterzuführen (und das bedeutet viel für einen Teenager, wie Sie bereits sicherlich wissen – vor allem für einen Jungen;).
Danke auch für Ihre Mithilfe mit der Weiterleitung von Nate's transcripts an den Registrar seiner neuen High School in den kommenden Wochen – dass dies endlich klappt ist super.
Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrer Familie einen erholsamen Sommer und bis im August dann wieder.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Nate und Noel C. / Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you for teaching German to Matthew, Frau Schoeneich. He really enjoyed your class.
C.M. / Aliso Viejo, CA

We love the class!
We plan to keep it!
G.C. / Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you for all you've done this year, you are an amazing teacher and a beautiful human being.
Emily C. / Aliso Viejo, CA

This is an excellent school and Eleanor has been making great progress including passing recently the AATG1 test.
Kind Regards / Lieben Gruß
Renata L.M. / Newport Beach, CA

Hi Ursula,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing Naomi to German language and culture this past year. It has been an incredible journey of learning and discovery for her. The program you have established is absolutely outstanding.
Kristin S. / Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you so so much for helping me feel prepared to travel and study abroad. I cannot imagine how I would feel without a little knowledge of the language, and your class was so enjoyable and I learned so much!
Auf Wiedersehen!
Brooklyn / CA

We LOVE Ursula Schoeneich! She did one on one, private, Skype lessons in preparation for my daughter studying abroad in Austria in 2 days! She is amazing. Highly recommend!
Heather F. / CA 

Testimonials Teacher Appreciation Fall 2018
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich
Thank you for appreciating the German language and being patient with us. Emily C. / AV

Danke for all you do! I love learning from you! Alana B. / AV

Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime.

Danke! You are a great teacher and I LOVE YOUR CLASS!

My child is loving your class, growing in confidence to do hard things. Thank you!

I am the vine and you are the branches. He who dwells in Me, as I dwell in him, bears much fruit. John 15:5

With God all things are possible.

Hello Ms. Schoeneich,
Alana loves your class. 💗Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Caroline/ Aliso Viejo, CA

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich,
My daughter S is a freshman in your German Class in Aliso Viejo. She came home from school today very excited- and a little nervous- about your class. She loved all the supplies and books and has shown them off to the whole family. I wanted to thank you, particularly for the cone. We did some reading about them on the internet, and I LOVE that tradition. And I love that you are not only bringing the German language to S but also some of the culture and traditions as well. What a special gift to start the new school year. Thank you for thinking of the students in this way. It is above and beyond, and I am very happy to have S in your class.
Annie B./Aliso Viejo, CA

Wir haben uns im Herbst bei dem AATG-Treffen schon einmal getroffen und ich möchte mich nochmal für die Vorführung von “Das Wunder von Bern” bedanken. Der Film ist historisch, aber auch aktuell zumal gestern das erste Weltmeisterschaftsspiel für Deutschland stattfand (wenn auch nicht mit dem erwünschten Ergebnis), aber auch gleichzeitig in den USA Vatertag gefeiert wurde.
Inzwischen habe ich auch Ihre Broschüre und Ihre Webseite gelesen. Ich freue mich über die Vielfältigkeit der Angebote Ihres Instituts. Einige meiner Studenten beschweren sich, dass Deutsch an ihren jeweiligen High Schools nicht angeboten wird und Ihre Schule gibt Schülern die Möglichkeit schon ab den frühen Kinderjahren Deutsch zu lernen. Ich danke also auch für Ihr allgemeines Engagement.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Karen Gallagher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of German
Chapman University
Department of World Languages and Cultures
One University Dr., Orange, CA 92866

This is a very impressive school and program.
If students can pass the AATG Test, they have learned a lot.
If students can pass the AP test, they will get college credit.
That will give the student such a great advantage–both as
regards the college and then later professionally.
The cultural enrichment programs will produce a more
well-rounded, a more tolerant, and a more global citizen.
Miranda M.

Dear Ursula,
I’d like to thank you for your tremendous efforts and the responsibility that you have taken on your shoulders to save the language my son has always cherished and loved since he was 4 years old.
Without your school’s support and your personal dedication and passion, he would have never made it this far and even I would’ve never had the strength to continue this tough road.
Such a kind heart; that’s what you are.
Much appreciated
Inas Y./ Newport Beach , CA

Happy mother’s day to number 1 teacher… thanks to you Yusuf successfully made it to first grade and passed his assessments n SISMIC tests 😘😘
Renada M. Laguna Hills, CA

Believe me… Yusuf had the best time of his life with you.. you made an impact with him that he will never forget..
Till we meet again
Reena M.

I believe I’m lucky to have my 2 children enrolled at the German School Campus were and her assisting teachers have the ability to grab and keep students’ attention and convey complex information easily. To break the complexity of learning a foreign language, a teacher has to be patient and innovative. I’ve seen how a few jokes during the class, props, and stories have helped a great deal in explaining things clearly and getting students involved, especially with my son’s preparatory classes for AP Exam.
This has proven so far to be an excellent methodology – worked for both my children who have been awarded the Golden Place for AATG National German Exam.
Though AP subjects are quite full of complex material, yet Frau Ursula’s interactive teaching methods engaged students in open discussions and posing arguments from their readings which made it easy for her AP students to digest the material and gain confidence for the State Exam.
Thank you, Tareq, Newport Beach, CA

I can't thank you enough. I'm so so so proud of you as their teacher and of them as my children.
Best, Inas, Newport Beach, CA

My kids had learned German for 8 years but when we relocated to the USA, I could only afford American schools. The biggest challenge was for them to keep up with the English language spoken around them. That being said, the sacrifice of course was to give up on the German language they loved and learned for years! Luckily, I have reached out to the German School Campus and enrolled my kids. It was our golden chance to have the children refresh their memory and bring back all the German vocabulary lost in California. But that was not even one-tenth of what my 2 kids achieved at the school! German School campus teachers are so friendly, talented in making class a fun experience and specialized in providing the required tutoring for German Accreditation exams, like AATG.

Congratulation on the AATG 4 Exam in which you scored high. You will receive a Gold medal!” That note we received after my son took the exam was thrilling because the AATG exam is a stepping stone also DSD I and DSD II in a path for my kids to resume their college degrees in top universities in Germany if they choose to. And this is an option I always wanted to offer them.

Celebrating all the German festivals, eating German dishes are great excitement; making German friends, living a typical German culture, and earning top German accreditation on US land are things I never imagined would happen. But gratefully, they did – we got it all at the German School Campus 🙂

Ursula, as School Director and Teacher you are a person one could write poetry about, and yet no words will be enough to describe your strenuous efforts with the children, how capable you are in mastering your profession, and most of all your kindness and a big heart!
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach, CA

Thank u for doing a wonderful job with our kids. Leo loved the German class. Happy holidays!
Deborah, Irvine, CA

Student German School Campus Summer Camp STEM:
Ja, Pirouz erinnert sich mit der Zeit doch oft an Dinge die Sie ihm beigebracht haben, und ich bin beeindruckt wie viel Sie ihm in kurzer Zeit beigebracht haben.
Vielen Dank,
Liebe Grüsse,
Susan S. & Ingo R., Irvine, CA

Amazing Program for Shayan!
Thanks so much for your effort and Frau. Mullers.
Shayan is so happy today with the knowledge and info she has learned about generating energy from wind. But more excited about the German words coming back to her mind and told me she wanted to continue speaking with you and fr. Muller the whole day, bec. Deutsche and wonderful school days from back home are finally coming back!!  Unbelievable expression of how she feels and which we rarely get from Shayan. I appreciate your effort and creativity.
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach, CA

Thanks so much, Frau Ursula and Frau Muller! My daughter Shayan has enjoyed the Science and Environment Program for this Summer Camp a great deal and it's only the third day! Today, her dad was overwhelmed by the knowledge she's gained on new energy and sustainability methods…she's so proud today of herself speaking this much German Vocabulary that is coming back after 2 years away from her German School back home. ” Deutsche is coming back, I'm getting it all back because we've spoken so much of Deutsche”!
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach, CA

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