Elementary / Grundschule K-5

Multi Class Levels K-5 at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

New at GERMAN SCHOOL campus – Full-time Elementary School K-5 with Daniela Strobl

Full-Time Elementary School Lesson Plan

A School cone “Schultüte” over decades in Germany

What is the “Schultüte” tradition?

The most important part of every German child’s first day of school is the “Schultüte,” or school cone. Apparently, the thought of attending school every day for the next 12-13 years must be “sweetened” with candy and presents – a tradition that dates to the early 19th century.

Monday – Friday  8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

GERMAN SCHOOL campus is teaching: Math – German – English – Science – Music – Art – Geography D-A-CH for elementary school children of German heritage and non-heritage.

The lessons are offered in a multi-level and Language concept (German and English) Students of different ages and levels are taught in one class with a small number of students. Class size is kept small to allow for individualized attention and maximum interaction. All students are exposed to age-appropriate activities in a German-language environment. Age groups can learn from each other; this also improves social behavior. However, each student’s curriculum is taught according to age and grade level. We follow the Bavarian curriculum, in which the teacher has her years of experience. Every day English is subject to the curriculum as well. It is essential for us to prepare the students well for middle school.

Suppose you are an ex-pat in the U.S. and are only in California temporarily. In that case, it helps that your child continues to receive support and language recognition in their grade level, which is essential for further progress in a German school.

Exercises with “Handschrift Trainer,” Children’s rhymes, Fairy Tales, and Play-based Learning. Furthermore, we believe a music program greatly aids students in vocabulary training as it introduces a fun methodology for learning difficult words and correct German pronunciation. A good kick-start to 1st grade.

1st to 5th Grade
In our Elementary School classes, we are committed to helping students reach their potential in a safe and friendly environment.
Your child will be encouraged to improve their oral and written German and English communication skills while creating the foundation for learning and using their languages.

  • Mathematics
  • German and English: Writing and Reading- Grammar and Spelling
  • Spanish as Elective
  • Geography and traditions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Science: animals, forest, and nature
  • Science: earth, fire, water, air
  • European artists
  • Music and movement
  • Gymnastic exercises

School year: 08/22/2022 to 06/16/2023

$100.00 off tuition with registration by 05/31/2022

Please enroll now before the limited places are gone!

Enrollment GERMAN SCHOOL campus Newport Beach
Enrollment GERMAN SCHOOL campus Newport Beach

Registration is open for the school year 2022 / 2023

At our Newport Beach Main Campus

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