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FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

Get an overview of the services and resources available at GERMAN SCHOOL in this frequently asked questions and knowledge base.

Gradelink Payments

  • Seamlessly integrated with Gradelink
  • Accept echeck/ACH or Credit Card payments at low rates
  • Parents can pay school balances directly from within Gradelink
  • Integrated with EnrollMe – collect registration fees when prospects apply
  • Fast, Free Setup: 10 min application, typically with instant approval
  • Parents can see their balance and statements from their Gradelink login anytime. Statements and balances reflect fees recorded by the bookkeeper in the Financial tab
  • Parents can make one-time payments from the Gradelink login. Payments can be made via ACH or Credit Card
  • Parents can set up an AutoPay plan for recurring monthly payments. Payments can either be charged to a credit card, or set up as ACH payments using a bank account

Get Gradelink on the go. The Student / Parent Mobile App helps students and their parents keep on top of their academic performance. With it, they can easily view schedules, class and assignment grades, attendance, upcoming homework, and more. Volunteers can even enter and track service hours. Download it today for free!

German school campus Parent Student Mobile App download on the App Store h 360       German school campus Parent Student Mobile App get it on Google Play h 360       German school campus Parent Student Mobile App download at amazon appstore h 360 

Enroll-Now_german_school_campus-home-T Please find all enrollment links for GERMAN SCHOOL campus

GERMAN SCHOOL campus Student Information System

  • Attendance
  • Extended Care
  • Classes & Scheduling
  • Manage Grade
  • School Calendar
  • School News/Announcements
  • Discipline Records
  • Medical Records
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Insurance Information
  • Medical History
  • Medications
  • Report Cards
  • Deficiency Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Full-featured Contact Information
  • Pay Grade
  • Student Information
  • Manage Student Records
  • Student Photos
  • Student/Parent Access
  • Parent Login
  • Student Login
  • Student/Parent Mobile App
  • Transcript Information
  • View Attendance & Conduct
  • View Current Assignments
  • View Current Grades
  • View School & Class Calendars
  • View Student Schedule
  • Transcripts
  • Tuition & Billing
  • Google Classroom

Student/Parent Portal Tutorial

Watch this short video to learn how to use Gradelink’s free parent and student portals to check grades, attendance, schedules, assignments, the calendar, set alerts, and more.

get more done with the new chrome - german school campus

Please install Google Chrome if you do not have this already in use. GERMAN SCHOOL campus needs this to work with all students in a secure environment with Google Classroom.

get 30 days free Audible from german school campusYou are getting a complimentary 30-day trial from Audible. 

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