February 2024

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Luisa Beiersdorf- My experiences in February

At the beginning of my internship, there was a week-long break due to Presidents’ Week, which allowed me to fully immerse myself in the classes and get to know all the students better in the last two weeks. Every Monday, the week starts with the kindergarten children. This class is particularly interesting for me as an intern because the children learn in a completely different way than older students. To teach them the German language, many games are played, songs are sung, and what they have learned is repeated in a playful manner.

I particularly enjoy the Spanish classes as well, especially because learning takes place differently than in Germany due to the small learning groups with only a few students. Working in small groups allows for a more individual treatment of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. I also noticed how important it is to always teach and speak in Spanish. The sentences and words used are quickly adopted by the students and used by them.

I particularly enjoy the cooking classes because the children come to class excited every time and ask what delicious things we will cook today. Since even the youngest children cook dishes themselves and deal with hot plates and knives, it is important to always be there and help. It’s nice to see how quickly the children get used to the rules and are now able to handle knives safely and manage to cut and prepare all the ingredients by themselves. The children also get to know dishes from German and Austrian cuisine and look forward to trying their cooked dishes anew every week.

With the slightly older German students, they are currently gearing up for language certificate exams. Therefore, the focus here is particularly on reviewing and practicing things they have already learned. Exercises in listening comprehension and writing essays are particularly emphasized. As an intern, I can provide supportive assistance especially with correcting and providing writing tips for the essays. Additionally, the students give presentations, which are discussed and practiced beforehand.

A highlight in recent weeks was the school’s Open House. Various schools and organizations such as the Boy Scouts presented themselves and spoke about their missions at different stands. The German School Campus presented the classes in one classroom and accompanied the open day. Together with a friend who visited me during this time, I manned the coffee stand and baked crepes. I am looking forward to the coming weeks.