Felix & Franzi

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Free German online course K – 5th

Get ready for an awesome journey as kids embark on a thrilling adventure through the captivating chapters guided by the super cool puppet tag team! Say hello to Felix Frosch, the fun-loving frog, and Franzi Ente, the lively duck, who have journeyed all the way from the Berlin Zoo to make England their new home. But here’s the twist— their home isn’t just any old place; it’s a magical German letterbox!

Discover how to say “How are you doing?” in German, meet the amazing animals in the zoo, dive into the world of vibrant German colors, explore tasty fruits, and even check out some stylish German clothes. And that’s not all! Join in for a German-style breakfast, learn about body parts, dive into the world of numbers, and groove to a birthday song. Don’t forget to bring your birthday present and card! Along the way, we’ll also unravel the mysteries of weather, seasons, and months. Let the adventure begin!

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