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Welcome to SPARK: Igniting Passion for German Education

At SPARK, we’re driven by a singular mission: to engage with German and the diverse cultures of the German-speaking world. Through collaborative efforts spanning K-16 education and community outreach, we aim to foster a deep appreciation for linguistic diversity and cultural understanding.

Our Mission:

Engage and Explore: We engage with German language and culture, offering enriching experiences that connect learners with the vibrant tapestry of the German-speaking world.

Collaborate and Connect: SPARK fosters collaboration among educators and learners of German across all levels, facilitating meaningful connections within the community and beyond.

Promote Diversity and Inclusion: Through high-quality after-school programs, SPARK promotes diversity and inclusion by intertwining language learning with contemporary issues, fostering a more inclusive educational landscape.

Our Goals:

Ignite Interest: SPARK aims to spark interest in German language and culture, inspiring individuals to explore and embrace the richness of the German-speaking world.

Strengthen Programs: We work to strengthen existing German programs while also cultivating demand for new ones, ensuring access to quality German education nationwide.

Empower Educators: By increasing the pool of well-qualified German teachers in all 50 states, SPARK empowers educators to deliver exceptional language instruction.

Integrate German Across Curricula: SPARK endeavors to build capacity for integrating German into the regular curriculum, spanning immersion, elementary, middle, and high school programs.

What SPARK Offers:

Are you looking to enhance your German language program? Discover the wealth of resources and support that SPARK provides. As part of the Educational Cooperation in German, SPARK—Structured Program for the Acquisition of German in the U.S.—brings together expertise, resources, and know-how to support and elevate German education initiatives nationwide.

Join us in our mission to ignite passion for German education and empower learners to connect with the world through language and culture. Together, let’s spark a lifelong love for German and foster a more inclusive and globally minded society.

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