Navigating Österreichisches Sprachdiplom ÖSD EXAM at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Embarking on your Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD) journey entails understanding the examination process and its significance in validating your German language proficiency. Below, we provide answers to common inquiries regarding ÖSD exams, ensuring clarity and guidance as you prepare for this linguistic endeavor.

Benefits of taking the ÖSD Language Diploma at our EXAM CENTER

  • Global Recognition: ÖSD certificates hold international recognition, providing validation of your German language skills on a global scale.
  • Independence from Language Courses: ÖSD certificates are not contingent upon completing specific language courses. This flexibility allows individuals to pursue certification without the necessity of attending a full language program.
  • Real-Life Assessment: ÖSD exams adopt a communicative approach, emphasizing the evaluation of candidates’ linguistic and communicative competencies in authentic, everyday scenarios.
  • Preparation for Linguistic Reality: ÖSD exams serve as preparation for the linguistic environments found in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. They incorporate the linguistic differences among these German-speaking countries, ensuring candidates are well-equipped for the diverse linguistic landscape.
  • Unified Standards: ÖSD exams are conducted and assessed according to standardized criteria, ensuring consistency and fairness across all examination sessions.
  • Comprehensive Offerings: ÖSD offers 16 different exams spanning the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1–C2). Annually, over 100,000 candidates undertake ÖSD exams in approximately 400 licensed examination centers worldwide.

Where are ÖSD exams available?

ÖSD exams are conducted globally, with a comprehensive list of examination centers provided on our website for your convenience.

When will the next exam be held?

All upcoming exam dates are available on our website for your reference. For additional information regarding exam dates or for any other inquiries, please reach out directly to us.

How do I register for an exam and what is the registration timeline?

For all exam dates and contact information, please refer to our website. However, we advise registering directly with us to obtain specific details and registration guidelines.

What are the registration requirements for an exam?

To register for an exam, you will need a valid identity document such as a passport or identity card. For additional details, please reach out to us.

Are accommodations available for individuals with special needs during exams?

The ÖSD head office provides tailored measures to accommodate various impairments, ensuring a fair and accessible examination experience. Details for candidates with special needs are accessible here. For personalized assistance, we recommend contacting us directly.

What is the cost of the exam?

The exam fees are determined by factors such as the exam level, location, and the specific exam center. To obtain information regarding fees, please reach out directly to us.

How do I determine which exam to take?

Utilize our complimentary online sample tests to gauge your proficiency level and determine the most suitable exam for you. Upon registration, your selected exam center will provide personalized guidance and support to aid in your exam preparation.
For compliance with modules 1 and 2 of the Austrian Integration Agreement, you are required to take a specialized integration exam. This exam assesses both linguistic proficiency (A2 or B1 content) and knowledge of Austrian values and orientation. Further details can be found here.

How can I prepare effectively for the exam?

  • Sample Tests:
    Before your exam, familiarize yourself with sample tests to understand the exam structure. These tests provide valuable insight into the ÖSD exam format and can be obtained either in bound format or downloaded for free.
  • Exam Preparation Training Materials:
    Explore our training materials tailored for exam preparation, available for online purchase. These resources include sample tests with solutions, additional practice tests, detailed task-specific tips, general exam information, and an audio CD for listening practice.
  • Digital Test Training:
    Access our Test-Training digital platform to practice sample tests online at no cost. Evaluate your performance by completing reading and listening subtests and reviewing your answers. While the writing subtest allows you to compose texts, these are not assessed. Sample texts are provided for comparison at the end.
  • ÖSD Trial Exam:
    Participate in the ÖSD Probeprüfung (trial exam) to receive expert assessment of your performance, simulating real exam conditions. In addition to a grade, you will receive detailed feedback on your performance, aiding in tracking your learning progress. Opt for the oral trial exam to experience an authentic exam scenario and optimize your preparation for the official exam date.

What are the regulations regarding exam retakes?

There are no limitations on the number of times you can take or repeat each exam or module. However, for exams comprising two modules, such as the written component (reading, listening, writing), the entire section must be retaken as a whole. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt, we advise a minimum waiting period of four weeks before scheduling a retake.

Where and when will I receive my ÖSD certificate?

All details concerning the issuance of your ÖSD certificate will be provided by our exam center.

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