From the mushroom check to the path of the wood

Explore the forest Elementary class week 4

Explore the forest Elementary class week 4.

In addition to the diverse flora and fauna in the forest, we also prepare the students for possible dangers, such as poisonous mushrooms. They will also learn about the good edible mushrooms, and with the help of a mushroom profile, the children will learn the individual terms.

Teil des Pilzes
  • Where is the mushroom hat? What is mycelium?
  • We talk about the term “symbiosis” Teamwork in nature, mushrooms as helpers.

In the second half of the week we discuss the path of wood.

Vom Baum zum Holzbrett
  • Tools of a forestry worker.
  • From felling wood to the finished piece of furniture.
  • Children name at least three things that are mainly made of wood.
  • What do exercise books have to do with the forest?
  • Students explain the terms sawmill and chainsaw.
  • For this purpose, we work with a worksheet, where the pupils put the respective work steps “from the little tree to the wooden board” in the right order.
  • “The four weeks with the summer camp flew by so quickly and our little explorers were such wonderful students that I really I like them very much.
  • I also had a lot of fun with them, as we cut, glued, did handicrafts, and created our own forest.
  • We made a big lap book board that every student can continue to use to deepen what they learned.”

Alexandra Wuerfler
Teacher of German Language