German School Campus California welcomes Chef Marcus

German School Campus welcomes Chef Marcus

Head of the Culinary Arts Department

We are very excited to announce that Chef Marcus, a classically French-trained Chef from Siegen in NRW, is joining us here at the German School Campus in Southern California.

Chef Marcus recently moved with his family from Boulder, Colorado to SoCal and will be our new Culinary Arts Chef Instructor and will lead as the Culinary Director our new and soon upcoming Culinary Arts department with our German School Campus in Newport beach.

Chef Marcus is a seasoned Chef with a broad European Cuisine background, from working for The Royal British Family to the Prinz of Hessen, traveling and working in Spain, France, Italy -to name a few-, to his greatest culinary honor of cooking fine dining meals to Paul Bocuse.

He started his passion to teach in Culinary Arts in Frankfurt as a well later in 2002, after graduating from the prestigious Hotel Management School in Heidelberg, as a director of Culinary Arts for a private educational institute near Hamburg.

Since 2004 he resides in the United States and has achieved many awards, recognitions, and accomplishments, from a Business Entrepreneur to Restauranteur.

Chef Marcus always stayed in touch with the Educational sides of his career and joined for many years the world claimed Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder. where he successfully trained new inspiring Chefs.

Being a certified Culinary educator and Master Chef with an MBA for the Hotel management, he brings a great passion for cooking in a healthy way to improve the health and life of everyone. He is a spokesperson for the Farm to Table Movement and works closely with farmers to promote the local and seasonal aspects of our Food. Educating people on where our food comes from is crucial for Chef Marcus to establish a connection to food and cultures.

We will share more about Chef Marcus on our Website soon, please feel free to contact us at
Or email Chef Marcus at [email protected]

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