homeschooling program at german school campus in orange county ca for charter schools

GERMAN SCHOOL campus is an accepted vendor with Exel Charter, Suncoast Charter, and Sky Mountain charter

Dear Parents,

Looking for a homeschooling program that offers your child an exceptional bilingual education? Look no further than German School Campus, an accredited WASC school in Orange County!

Our curriculum focuses on world language classes in German and Spanish, ensuring that your child develops fluency in both languages. In addition, we offer cooking and baking classes, life skills, and mastering handwriting to provide a comprehensive education that prepares your child for future academic and professional success.

Our program is centered around family and moral-oriented teaching, instilling in your child a sense of responsibility, empathy, and community engagement.

At German School Campus, we understand the importance of cultural diversity and tradition. That’s why we celebrate traditional German events such as Saint Martin (lantern walk, gingerbread decorating, carnival, and Easter egg hunt) and Spanish events like Cinco de Mayo. These events provide your child with a unique opportunity to learn and appreciate different cultures and traditions.

We understand that flexibility is key in your busy schedule, which is why we offer both on-campus and hybrid classes. Additionally, we are proud to be accepted vendors with Exel Charter, Suncoast Charter, and Sky Mountain Charter, making our program accessible and affordable for all families.

At German School Campus, we are dedicated to providing your child with an exceptional bilingual education that fosters intellectual, personal, and cultural growth. Join our program today and give your child the gift of a lifetime of learning!

Our classes 2023 - 2024 at german school campus

Our Classes: On Campus, Hybrid Learning, online Academics

Talk to the principal Ursula Schoeneich (949) 285 0829 or email