Kerstin Reuther-Roché


Kerstin Reuther-Roché is from the Island of Usedom in the furthest North-East of Germany. After the reunification of Germany, she was among the first students from East Germany to be exchange students in America and spent a year near Columbus, Ohio. She completed her master’s degree in Education in the subjects of English, Spanish, and German in Bonn where she met her husband and moved to Connecticut in 2002. There, she taught German and Spanish at a public high school for 14 years, as well as German (B1 level class) for 16 years at the German School of Connecticut. Her two children and husband are multi-lingual, as well.

Kerstin builds bridges to make students feel appreciated, valued, and safe. This is the reason why she is able to create a positive environment conducive to learning in her classroom. Her enthusiasm in her teaching is contagious, and her students benefit from it every day.

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