Keys Katherine Beggs

Katherine Beggs is a talented composer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California, committed to helping film, television, and other media creatives achieve their vision and elevate their work through music. The trust of her clients is of utmost importance to Katherine, and her commitment to them is profound. Katherine’s specialties include orchestral compositions, pop/alternative songwriting, and music production. Katherine has been featured in numerous young composer’s festivals, including Sunset ChamberFest, Listening to the Future, and Sounds Promising. Various chamber and choral ensembles have also performed her work, including Verdant Vibes, Neave Trio, Salastina Society, Pasadena Master Chorale, and Cantabile. Katherine’s most recent original song, Wake Up and See the Light, was commissioned by the Miracle Activation Center and featured as a flagship music video on their corporate website. In addition to her professional work at Cutting Room Music, Katherine is pursuing dual degrees in music composition and political science at Brown University.