Kindergarten Program

kindergarten program at german school campus FI

Orientation for a Bilingual Kindergarten school program for ages 4 1/2 years and up

What will you learn?

In the Bilingual Kindergarten of the German school campus, students will learn a comprehensive curriculum that combines elements from the EDU California Standard Kindergarten curriculum and the Bavaria Curriculum for Bilingual Kindergarten.

Language is simultaneously the key to other cultures. It allows us to approach other people and treat them with tolerance and respect.

In our Kindergarten class on the German school campus, we place a strong emphasis on playful learning as part of our Kindergarten education program. We foster a creative environment where children engage in age-appropriate art projects, sing songs, and play games. Our small class sizes ensure individual attention and ample opportunities for interaction. All students are exposed to age-appropriate activities in a German and English-speaking environment. They develop fundamental listening and speaking skills in a fun manner. Furthermore, we recognize the value of a music program that expands students’ vocabulary and assists them in learning difficult words and correct German pronunciation.

Children naturally have an immense thirst for knowledge. Our goal is for our children to experience that their questions are welcome and enriching for the entire group. We receive their questions with appreciation and patience, and we embark on a quest for solutions together. We need to empower children in their ability to actively participate in finding solutions to their questions, rather than providing them with predetermined answers. They should be enabled to not settle for solutions that they do not find insightful but to seek further answers.

According to our understanding, preparation for school takes place throughout the entire time a child spends in our facility. Through various means, we offer children from the very beginning the opportunity to playfully develop their foundational skills for school.

Events for Children and Parents

We organize numerous opportunities for families in our facility and Old World, Huntington Beach, to connect through our celebrations and craft afternoons. Each school year, we celebrate our St. Martin Lantern Festival and Christmas festival together with parents and children within their respective groups. The highlight of our school year is the summer festival, which is celebrated in the facility and significantly prepared by the parents.

We also celebrate other cultural or country-specific festivities and bid farewell to children within individual groups with the close involvement of parents. Twice a year, we invite parents to craft afternoons in the different groups of the facility – once in spring to welcome the Easter season and once in autumn to prepare for the pumpkin or lantern festival. Parents can choose from a rich “material buffet” to create their creations. Another craft afternoon is specifically for parents of preschoolers in the facility’s kindergarten groups, where parents and children can work together to create a personalized school cone.

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