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Kristin Aull was born and grew up in Aschaffenburg, a city in the area of Frankfurt am Main – Germany. She graduated from “the Gymnasium” with focus in education and psychology. During that time, she completed a one-year internship in a school for disabled children. She enjoyed helping people so she decided to become a nurse. In her seven years of service she was a mentor for the trainees. She found pleasure in teaching and that was the reason why she decided in 2014 to study nursing education (B.A.). Her bachelor thesis dealt with the subject of learning psychology/learning techniques. She is an experienced teacher in apprenticeship and in-service training.

Kristin Aull

Kristin emigrated to the United States of America in March 2018. Currently she is studying for a Master of Science degree in prevention and health psychology (Major field of study in psychology of learning)

“America and Germany have two such wonderful cultures! I am happy to unite them in the German School Campus!” (Kristin Aull)

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