marcus lepke

Head of Culinary Arts

Chef Marcus Lepke has worked in Culinary Arts for 30 years. His journey began in his home country of Germany and has spread all over the world from there. Following graduation from Culinary School, he spent a number of years traveling in Europe. He has learned the art of handmade pasta in the towns of Italy, enjoyed wine in the countryside of Spain and has learned from the Master Chefs of France.

MARCUS LEPKE Head of Culinary Arts at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Chef Marcus has trained under many of the world's best Chefs, he worked for Gordon Ramsey for a number of years, made a meal with the incredible Paul Bocuse, and was literally a Chef of Kings (hmmm what did they call Auguste Escoffier…). Today he heads his private catering and is a humble teacher, and his future will be even greater still.

This Chef will go down as my first teacher and I really hope to work with him again, especially after graduation. It was my privilege to interview him and give you a small glance into his incredible journey in our amazing profession. So far all of the Chefs I’ve talked to at the Boulder Culinary School have said similar things, a few which Chef Marcus goes over in his
interview. It is very important to continue to learn, don’t get stuck in your ways, and refuse to open up to new ideas. Chef Marcus is the first Chef I will have for me and for you, I can’t wait to talk with them all!

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