Marie Kuhn

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Marie Kuhn Culinary Arts Teacher of GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Chef Marie Kuhn was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, where she attended her school years at a European School, learning German, French, and Spanish. When she completed high school, she decided to move to France to begin her culinary education. She graduated from the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon and went to work around the world, in Spain, France, China, and finally Dana Point, CA. She has experience in many different kitchen settings from Three Star Michelin to open kitchen settings, hotel restaurants, and catering for events.

She loves sharing her knowledge and teaches hands-on, to permit children and adults alike to expand their savoir-faire, while having fun and acquiring skills that will help in their daily life. Safety and Hygiene are important basics that will always be transmitted when working with Chef Marie. Fun and the interest in different cultures and cuisines are the second pillars of Chef Marie’s classes, which permit the creation of an enjoyable and inclusive learning environment.

Chef Marie is currently studying to receive her MBA and build her business Marie’s Delicatessen.


  • High School Diploma from European School Frankfurt
  • B.A. Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management from Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France
  • Master Business Administration from Southern States University, Irvine

Work Experience

  • Maison Troisgros, Roanne, France
  • Hotel Sidi San Juan, Alicante, Spain
  • Restaurant Ecole Paul Bocuse, Shanghai, China
  • St Regis Monarch Beach & Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, CA

“It is our duty to give meaning to the life of future generations by sharing our knowledge and experience; by teaching an appreciation of work well done and a respect for nature, the source of all life; by encouraging the young to venture off the beaten path and avoid complacency by challenging their emotions.”

Paul Bocuse