Week 3 in California

Intern damiana klatt week 3 newport beach pacific

Damiana Klatt 3rd week in California

My internship at German School Campus has been an engaging and diverse experience so far. Besides exploring beautiful California, my days are filled with learning, cultural exposure, and personal development.

One highlight of this internship is assisting with the cooking classes held at the Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente. I find it fascinating to see children of different ages come together, working harmoniously to learn essential cooking skills. They aid one another through various recipes, forming friendships, and developing teamwork abilities in the process.

On Tuesdays, I assist Mrs. Schöneich in teaching the SPARK lessons at Aliso Viejo Middle School, in which the students gain insights into Germany’s culture, language, and history, fostering a global perspective and also a deeper understanding of other cultures like Austria and Switzerland.

Additionally, I’ve taken on the responsibility of designing flyers for our school events, as well as planning the upcoming STEM Summer Camp, set to commence in June. This camp provides a unique opportunity to combine language and STEM education, fostering curiosity and joy for education in the children.

On the weekend, I had the chance to explore the local area, visiting Balboa Island using the ferry. It is a really charming spot with beautiful coastal views, walking paths, lots of pretty houses, lush gardens, little boutiques, and cafes. I absolutely loved it!