Our Classes 2023 – 2024

Our classes 2023 - 2024 at german school campus

Our Classes: On Campus, Hybrid Learning, and Online Academics

German high school at german school campus FI

The educational program of the GERMAN SCHOOL adheres to the guidelines outlined by the Central Office for Schools Abroad. It serves as a fundamental aspect of a modern and comprehensive educational philosophy and lays the groundwork for the learning atmosphere. The German language, with its vast cultural and traditional significance, is comprehensively integrated into the curriculum.

Our program / Unser Programm is for K-12th, public-, charter-, and homeschooled children.

Spanish high school at german school campus FI

Our school campus provides a Spanish program for K-12 charter and homeschooled students, in compliance with the European School Abroad program. This program encompasses the cultural and traditional aspects of Spanish-speaking countries.

Our program is for K-12th charter-, and homeschooled children.


If you reside far from Newport Beach, you can enroll your child in our hybrid classes, where they can virtually observe the classroom and interact with their peers. On Monday afternoons, we offer German classes for elementary students that can be attended online.

Our program is for K-12th, public-, charter-, and homeschooled children.



Our school also offers cooking classes for children, hosted on campus. This exceptional class features a rotating selection of international dishes from across Europe, crafted with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients to create delectable specialties. Recipes are provided for all dishes prepared in class. Children ranging from K-12th grade are welcome to participate in this exciting culinary experience.

Our program is for K-12th charter-, and homeschooled children.


Students who are beginning to learn writing in school require assistance in developing their handwriting abilities. Improving one’s handwriting is a straightforward approach to enhancing academic performance. The act of handwriting activates certain brain regions linked with memory, thereby strengthening the ability to retain information. Consequently, mastering handwriting skills lay a vital foundation for academic success. To address this need, we have designed a specialized program to support young learners in improving their writing skills and honing their craft.

Our program 1st-3rd includes a range of exercises and activities to improve handwriting.

School Children Choir classes at german school campus FI

Joining a choir class with a great instructor can be a wonderful experience for elementary and middle school children. Not only do they get to learn how to sing and perform together as a group, but they also develop valuable skills such as teamwork and discipline. The instructor can make the classes fun and engaging, while also challenging the students to improve their vocal abilities. It’s a great way for children to express themselves and build their confidence.

Our program is for 3rd-12th charter-, and homeschooled children.

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