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The program, Tuition, Fees, and Enrollment at Irvine Pomegranate Learning Center Campus

The school year of 2023 / 2024 of 34 weeks (8/28/2023 to 5/30/2024) of high-quality German, Spanish, and cooking classes on Campus.

Introducing the Pomegranate Learning Center in collaboration with the German School Campus, an educational initiative exclusively designed for homeschooling families. Our program is tailored for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade, and we cordially invite you to join us.

At Pomegranate Learning Center, we understand and value the unique requirements of homeschooling parents. In partnership with the German School Campus, we offer a flexible approach that allows you to customize your child’s daily schedule based on their individual preferences and academic needs. Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of core and elective classes, enabling you to select courses that align with your child’s interests and future career goals.

For those currently enrolled at the German School Campus, rest assured that your grades, transcripts, and credits will continue to be managed and overseen by the German School program. We are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout your child’s educational journey. To initiate the enrollment process, please proceed to the registration link provided below.

German school campus new students enrollment

New to the School

Please use the tab”Create Account” through Gradelink.

Once registered, you will receive an email with the Gradelink login.

German school campus returning students enrollment

Returning to the School

Please use School ID 1978 and have your Family Login Information ready.

After you are logged in, please click “Continue” and check all data fields.

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German classes A0 / A1 / A2

German class A0

Tuesday (A0)K-5th2:40 p.m. – 3:40 p.m.$400 per semester
Tuesday (A0)K-5th3:40 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.$400 per semester

This German class is once a week for students at the beginner German language level.
A structured binder will be handed out. Additional material is handed out to students to support each chapter.

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Spanish classes K – 12th grade

Spanish classes K – 5th grade

ThursdayK – 5th3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.$350 per semester

This is a one-hour class per week.
The textbook is called Alba Y Gael. Students will learn the Spanish basics, like the alphabet, numbers, and colors, in this one-hour class. They will also learn conversational Spanish to ask each other about the names, ages, phone numbers, favorite activities, foods, where something is located, and descriptions of family members and pets. Recordings, videos, and websites will also support learning.

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Kids’ Cooking and Baking Classes K-5/semester classes

Participants understand the simple broad level of where their food comes from. Participants know the basics of hand washing and sanitary practice in the kitchen. Participants comfortably learn the handling and making of meals prepared from fresh vegetables, poultry, meat, fish, and ingredients by recipes. Participants learn to handle safely the kitchen machines like mixers for dough preparation for baking by recipes.
Participants learn to clean up the stations, wipe down all surfaces, and store leftover food.

German and Austrian Baking and Cooking

MondayK – 5th12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.$325 + $50 material per semester

Exploring German and Austrian Cuisine: A Culinary Journey Through Time

Course Overview:
This academic curriculum aims to delve into the rich culinary traditions of Germany and Austria, exploring their unique flavors, techniques, and cultural significance. From iconic dishes to regional specialties, students will learn the art of German and Austrian cooking and baking through a combination of hands-on practical sessions, historical analysis, and immersive cultural experiences. By the end of the course, students will not only be proficient in preparing traditional recipes but also have a deeper understanding of the cultural context behind these dishes.

Introduction to German and Austrian Cuisine

Overview of the German and Austrian culinary heritage Influence of Historical, geographical, and cultural factors on cuisine. Understanding the key ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques.

Traditional German Dishes

  • Preparing iconic dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel, and Kartoffelsalat
  • Exploring regional variations in cuisine across Germany
  • Understanding the role of seasonal ingredients in traditional German cooking

Austrian Classics

  • Mastering Austrian delights like Tafelspitz, Kaiserschmarrn, and Goulash
  • Discovering the culinary diversity of Austria’s provinces
  • Exploring the relationship between Austrian cuisine and neighboring regions

German and Austrian Baking

  • Learning the art of baking traditional bread, pretzels, and strudels
  • Understanding the significance of coffeehouse culture in Vienna
  • Exploring the holiday baking traditions Fusion of Old and New Analyzing the impact of modernization on German and Austrian cuisine
  • Exploring contemporary culinary trends while preserving traditional roots Creating fusion dishes that honor the past while embracing innovation

Food and Culture

  • Examining the role of food in German and Austrian festivals and celebrations
  • Understanding the symbolism behind certain dishes and culinary customs
  • Learning the etiquette of dining in various social settings
  • Students will work on individual or group projects to present their interpretations of traditional recipes with a modern twist
  • Projects include cookbooks, showcasing German and Austrian cuisine

Charter Schools:

We accept charter school funds from Excel Charter School and Suncoast Prep Academy. After registration, the amount will be debited to the student account in Gradelink.

Please submit the new Charter School PO for the fall semester by August 15th, 2023. Tuition will be paid in equal installments per semester, starting from the enrollment month mentioned in the charter confirmation. Additionally, please ensure that book payments and material costs are included with the first tuition payment.

To avoid any delays, please make sure to pay tuition on time, preferably by the first of each month.

We offer various payment options, including credit cards and autopay through Gradelink / PaySimple. Checks are also accepted, but please note that a $25 fee will apply for checks returned due to insufficient funds.

Tuition payment:
To enroll in a class and make a payment at the German School Campus, please use the Gradelink link provided.

New: We accept tuition payments via Zelle®.

tuition payment for german school campus via Zelle
Please use phone number: 949 – 285 – 0829

Drop Policy:
Please be aware that there are no refunds once you have enrolled in classes.
You are responsible for paying for a whole semester, even if you change school or anything else happens. When Charter schools stop payments, you will be responsible for paying any portion of tuition that the charter does not cover.
Thank you for choosing the German School Campus program. We look forward to seeing you and welcome your child to class.

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