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How do parents perceive the GERMAN SCHOOL campus?

The impressions of adult students regarding their experience at the GERMAN SCHOOL campus.

Ich möchte mich so sehr bei Ihnen und Jessica badanken. Caldwell wird wieder nächsten Donnerstag für den Deutschunterricht einschalten. Jessica ist so Spitze! Alles was Sie machen und den Kindern und Eltern helfen ist bemerkenswert.

Vielen Dank,
Eva und Caldwell U./ Laguna Niguel

Hi, Ursula
I am very thankful for your valuable time and patience in teaching Daniel to study German.
Linda C., South Pasadena, CA

Liebe Frau Schoeneich,
“Bless your heart for being so nice!”
Ein herzliches Dankeschön für all Ihre Mühe.
Petra F., Gilbert, AZ

Liebe Frau Ursula,
Vielen Dank für alles!
Einen schönen Sommer und frohe Ferien.
Daniel, Francesca, Damon, Huntington Beach/CA

Dear Ursula,
these last few years have been amazing and I want to thank you for being an awesome teacher. Your classes have been fun and I am glad I got to experience them.
Thank you!
Lucas R., Alumni, Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Ursula,
It’s been quite a while and I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have taught me.
They certainly helped with my German classes at CSUIB.
Anyways thanks, so much.
Hunter R., Alumni, Huntington Beach, CA

Wie immer, vielen Dank für Deine Arbeit im Rahmen von SPARK for German.
Projektleitung, SPARK für Deutsch
Projektleitung, GI Sommerakademie Globales Lehren und Lernen
Goethe-Institut Washington
Susanne Rinner, Ph.D.

Miss Ursula,
It has been a good time with the class. It was so, so, so much fun!
From Lincoln / Coto De Casa, CA

Dear Ms. Ursula,
Words cannot explain the gratitude I feel in my heart for the love, support, and enthusiasm you’ve shared with Jane this year! Her fire for baking and cooking is thanks to you! I truly hope our paths continue to cross in the future. You have made a big difference.
May God bless you always!
Ann Marie J. / Ladera Ranch, CA

Ich wollte mich kurz bei Ihnen und Frau Klatt für die tolle SPARK Klasse am letzten Mittwoch bedanken. Meine Tochter Ayla hatte einen Riesenspass und singt jetzt sogar zwei Tage später immer noch das Verabschiedungslied von Felix und Franzi. 😁

Julia S.F.

Hallo Ursula,

Vielen Dank, dass Sie Nina über Jahre hinweg motiviert und gelehrt haben. Niemand hätte es besser machen können!!!!

Viele Grüsse,
Iris E.

Liebe Ursula,
Ihnen einen ganz herzlichen Dank für die tolle Förderung von Nina zum deutschen Sprachdiplom. Sie haben Nina etwas sehr Wertvolles auf den Weg gegeben.

in Dankbarkeit,

Steve K. PhD/Sacramento,CA

Thank you so much for sharing those great moments with us. I’m so glad to see all the kids in this big German family are so happy, and we truly appreciate you and all teachers who brought them happiness and also great, valuable knowledge.
Thanks again! Richard C. / Irvine, CA

My son Drake has really loved the intermediate Spanish class this year. The class has been fantastic, as has the teacher!
Lindsey N./ Las Flores, CA

My kids enjoyed the instruction and the reflection of known English formats transformed into the German language. They are still talking about Franzi and Felix and singing the songs!
Katja R./ CA

Liebe Frau Schoeneich, Ich habe es geliebt, Sie als meine Deutschlehrerin zu haben. Danke für Alles. Ich habe viel Spass gehabt.
Nikki.H./ Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich, Truly this is a small of our appreciation for the impact on our daughter’s life. She will never forget you and we are pleased about your role in her life. May God bless you and yours richly!
Julie M./ Laguna Nigule, CA

Frau Schoeneich, Vielen Dank für ein tolles Jahr!
Emma P./Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you for all your hard work this year!
Laura B./ San Juan Capistrano, CA

Thank you for being a great teacher for the past two years. I really enjoyed German class and I am so thankful for all the hard work and effort you put in.
Matthew W./ Aliso Viejo, CA

Our twin boys took German lessons from German School online for 15 months. They have German citizenship but were born in the U.S., therefore it was important to me that they already study German during their Middle School years before they enter High School, which offers German as a foreign language. It was great that all the teachers they had were native German speakers, Kerstin Roche, Alexandra Würfler, and of course Ursula Schöneich. These ladies were very friendly, and Frau Schöneich was also always helpful with administrative questions. The twins are well-prepared to enter High School and take German at an advanced level.
Marc N./ Ellicott City, MD

Thank you for all of your hard work this year.
Lesley R./ Laguna Niguel, CA

Thank you for being a great teacher for the past 2 years. I’ve really enjoyed German class and I am so thankful for all the hard work and effort you put in.
Matthew W./ Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you for a wonderful year! Blessings,
Kelly P./ Aliso Viejo, CA

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do for all the students. You are amazing!!!
Karen G./ Laguna Hills, CA

Thank you so much. The school is great and I so appreciate the great online format this year. It was truly the best online class she had.
Jennifer H./ Flowery Branch, GA

Thank you for another fantastic year! We definitely want to continue doing German, the kids really enjoy working with you. Have a great summer!
Cynthia C/ South Korea

Thank you for all your support! Regards,
Gene R./ Huntington Beach, CA

Congratulations! National German Exam Prizewinner. Hello Mrs. Schoeneich: I am overwhelmed by this great news. Thank you very much for helping Ryan to get this. He just received the good news from the AATG President in the office of Mike Shaughnessy. This would not have happened but for the great teachers at your school. Thank you for helping him. This will be a great experience. I think he will be able to use his language skills for the rest of his life. Just meeting a bunch of new people in a new environment will be awesome. Hope you have a very good day. Nice talking on the phone. Best regards,
Ali .R./ Irvine CA

Dear Ursula ~ First, I would like to commend you for the wonderful work you do with your German School. You are certainly a very hardworking person. And YOU are truly excellent with your publicity work. I am thankful that you are doing so much to keep the study of German alive. I still regret that I was not able to attend the Frank-Walter Steinmeier event with you.
Miranda M. / Laguna Woods, CA

Ursula, today’s lesson was fantastic, you’re the perfect teacher, thank you!
M.R. / Chino Hills, CA

AATG– Study Trip. I will let Ryan know.
He has plenty of time to practice for the interview. It’s actually quite exciting that he has to prove himself and prepare himself for an interview. I am sure he will do fine. He is usually good under pressure. Thanks again for giving him the chance to participate. These competitions make learning a lot more fun. They should do these in regular schools. It gets kids much more motivated and they see learning as not just memorization, but a challenge. It makes them want to improve and get ahead. Either way, win or not, he is getting a real taste of how the real world works. Thanks. Respectfully
Ali R. (proud father)/ Irvine, CA

We had an excellent experience with German School Online. Frau Wuerfler worked with our son with sensitivity and care. Online learning can be challenging with young children and Frau Wuefler was able to work with our son and keep his attention and his German skills growing. We will definitely look to German School Online and Frau Wuefler again!
Susan K. / Hillsboro, OR

Just wanted to personally thank Ursula and the German School Campus for all the educational opportunities and cultural education that they have provided for my two sons. My oldest son is graduating HS this year and is taking AP German with the German School Campus. Ursula worked hard to make sure his high school would put his grades on his official High School transcript.
During the college application process, the experiences he had within his German classes played a big role in his essays and even his college advisors commented that they believe his attending German classes makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd. Ursula always goes out of her way to help her students and accommodate them. She brings fresh ideas to language learning that involve exploring not only culture but current events. For example, last year, she coordinated with the German government to have two Syrian refugees talk with her students and discuss their experiences. My son, at the time, was in AP World History/Model United Nations and they were studying the Syrian crisis. Of course, his interaction with actual people who lived through the refugee crisis was not only an eye-opening experience but even impressed his AP World History teacher.
If you have a high school student who is thinking about studying German, call Ursula right away.
Gene. R. / Huntington Beach, CA

Hello Ursula, I really can’t thank you enough as you have always given my children the opportunity to improve and excel not only with regard to the German Language but with their career paths in general.
As my son got the chance through your school to participate in German Day at the University of California Irvine, (UCI), new doors of success opened up for him. He was able to include this participation in his resume, which helped him get accepted into CampMed Program at UCI. His German-language aptitudes and certifications along with his UCI experience were also included in his college applications essay and made his applications to many universities stand out. He was also accepted at UCI which was mostly my dream more than his :-)
As he accomplished his C1 Certificate, and after 3 years after completing his studies at the German School Campus, you still treated him as part of your school. 2 weeks ago you connected him with a contract for another German Language program at UCI. They interviewed him and assessed his skills and fortunately, he was short-listed and will be part of their team to assist in the implementation of a German Program for High School students in Yorba Linda.
This would be a wonderful experience that will boost his career and I’m sure will open more opportunities for future endeavors in his career.
I thank you for keeping this long-term relationship with your students and continuing to support them even after they’ve graduated from the German School Campus. Much appreciated
Sincerely, Inas CA

Leina gefällt der Unterricht sehr gut und ich finde das Frau Würfler einen super Job macht. Gruss,
Oliver P. / Ocean Shore- WA

Thanks for all the work that you are putting in for the kids. It’s great to see how far Ryan has come in your school. Ryan seems to be getting much better grades this year. He is also doing extracurricular studies on his own, by watching German media. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Happy new year. Look forward to a great 2021.
Ali R./Irvine, CA

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich, Thank you for all you do in teaching German to Angelina. You go the extra mile and she enjoys you! May your Christmas be a blessed one!
Julie M./ Laguna Niguel CA

Frau Schoeneich, die online Unterrichtsklassen mit Frau Würfler sind sehr gut!
A.M. / Aliso Viejo CA

Vielen Dank liebe Frau Würfler für die lehrreichen Wochen über den Wald!! Wir werden unsere kleine Klasse vermissen!
Tom H. / CA

Awesome Ursula! Thank you so much for another great year. You’re such a fantastic teacher and the kids really enjoy the German class. I hope you have a relaxing summer. Stay safe and healthy.
Cynthia C. / South Korea

Experience the German language:
Today we had a special Zoom meeting with three guests from Germany, ZfA advisor Mr. Matthias, students Tarek and Ali, some students of the German School campus, and our teachers Mrs. Reuther-Roche, Mrs. Wuerfler, and Mrs. Schoeneich. Our students were able to listen to the stories of two refugees from Syria and Iraq, who came at the age of 15 years (Tarek all alone, Ali with family) in inflatable boats across the Mediterranean to Greece and then via Hungary to Germany.
What an amazing opportunity for the kids! My boys have been studying the Syrian Civil War and the Migration crisis in their Model United Nations classes in High School. Communicating live with two people who experienced the situation first-hand reinforced what they learned along with bringing new insights and perspectives. Thank you German School campus for setting up this very educational and thoughtful meeting! My two sons found it to be a fascinating and very thought-provoking experience.
Gene W. / Huntington Beach, CA

Liebe Frau Schoeneich, Möchten uns auf diesem Weg ganz herzlich bei Ihnen bedanken. Nate ist nach wie vor daran interessiert sein Deutsch mit Ihnen weiterzuführen (und das bedeutet viel für einen Teenager, wie Sie bereits sicherlich wissen – vor allem für einen Jungen;).
Danke auch für Ihre Mithilfe mit der Weiterleitung von Nate’s transcripts an den Registrar seiner neuen High School in den kommenden Wochen – dass dies endlich klappt ist super. Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrer Familie einen erholsamen Sommer und bis im August dann wieder. Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Nate and Noel C. / Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you for teaching German to Matthew, Frau Schoeneich. He really enjoyed your class.
C.M. / Aliso Viejo, CA

We love the class! We plan to keep it!
G.C. / Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you for all you’ve done this year, you are an amazing teacher and a beautiful human being.
Emily C. / Aliso Viejo, CA

This is an excellent school and Eleanor has been making great progress including passing recently the AATG1 test.
Kind Regards / Lieben Gruß
Renata L.M. / Newport Beach, CA

Hi Ursula, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing Naomi to the German language and culture this past year. It has been an incredible journey of learning and discovery for her. The program you have established is absolutely outstanding.
Kristin S. / Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you so so much for helping me feel prepared to travel and study abroad. I cannot imagine how I would feel without a little knowledge of the language, and your class was so enjoyable and I learned so much! Auf Wiedersehen!
Brooklyn / CA

We LOVE Ursula Schoeneich! She did one on one, private, Skype lessons in preparation for my daughter studying abroad in Austria in 2 days! She is amazing. Highly recommend!
Heather F. / CA 

Testimonials Teacher Appreciation Fall 2018
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich, Thank you for appreciating the German language and being patient with us.
Emily C. / AV

Danke for all you do! I love learning from you!
Alana B. / AV

Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime. Danke! You are a great teacher and I LOVE YOUR CLASS! My child is loving your class, and growing in confidence to do hard things. Thank you! I am the vine and you are the branches. He who dwells in Me, as I dwell in him, bears much fruit. John 15:5 With God all things are possible.

Hello Ms. Schoeneich, Alana loves your class. 💗Thank you. Kind Regards,
Caroline/ Aliso Viejo, CA

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich, My daughter S is a freshman in your German Class in Aliso Viejo. She came home from school today very excited- and a little nervous- about your class. She loved all the supplies and books and has shown them off to the whole family. I wanted to thank you, particularly for the cone. We did some reading about them on the internet, and I LOVE that tradition. And I love that you are not only bringing the German language to S but also some of the culture and traditions as well. What a special gift to start the new school year. Thank you for thinking of the students in this way. It is above and beyond, and I am very happy to have S in your class. Sincerely,
Annie B./Aliso Viejo, CA

Wir haben uns im Herbst bei dem AATG-Treffen schon einmal getroffen und ich möchte mich nochmal für die Vorführung von “Das Wunder von Bern” bedanken. Der Film ist historisch, aber auch aktuell zumal gestern das erste Weltmeisterschaftsspiel für Deutschland stattfand (wenn auch nicht mit dem erwünschten Ergebnis), aber auch gleichzeitig in den USA Vatertag gefeiert wurde. Inzwischen habe ich auch Ihre Broschüre und Ihre Webseite gelesen. Ich freue mich über die Vielfältigkeit der Angebote Ihres Instituts. Einige meiner Studenten beschweren sich, dass Deutsch an ihren jeweiligen High Schools nicht angeboten wird und Ihre Schule gibt Schülern die Möglichkeit schon ab den frühen Kinderjahren Deutsch zu lernen. Ich danke also auch für Ihr allgemeines Engagement. Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Karen Gallagher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of German
Chapman University
Department of World Languages and Cultures One University Dr., Orange, CA 92866

This is a very impressive school and program. If students can pass the AATG Test, they have learned a lot. If students can pass the AP test, they will get college credit. That will give the student such a great advantage–both as regards the college and then later professionally.
The cultural enrichment programs will produce a more well-rounded, more tolerant, and more global citizen.
Miranda M.

Dear Ursula, I’d like to thank you for your tremendous efforts and the responsibility that you have taken on your shoulders to save the language my son has always cherished and loved since he was 4 years old. Without your school’s support and your personal dedication and passion, he would have never made it this far, and even I would’ve never had the strength to continue this tough road.
Such a kind heart; that’s what you are. Much appreciated
Inas Y./ Newport Beach, CA

Happy Mother’s Day to the number 1 teacher… thanks to you Yusuf successfully made it to first grade and passed his assessments in SEISMIC tests 😘😘
Renada M. Laguna Hills, CA

Believe me… Yusuf had the best time of his life with you… you made an impact on him that he will never forget… Till we meet again
Reena M.

I believe I’m lucky to have my 2 children enrolled at the German School Campus and her assisting teachers have the ability to grab and keep students’ attention and convey complex information easily. To break the complexity of learning a foreign language, a teacher has to be patient and innovative. I’ve seen how a few jokes during the class, props, and stories have helped a great deal in explaining things clearly and getting students involved, especially with my son’s preparatory classes for AP Exam.
This has proven so far to be an excellent methodology – worked for both my children who have been awarded the Golden Place for AATG National German Exam. Though AP subjects are quite full of complex material, Frau Ursula’s interactive teaching methods engaged students in open discussions and posing arguments from their readings which made it easy for her AP students to digest the material and gain confidence for the State Exam.
Thank you, Tareq, Newport Beach, CA

WooooW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A GREAT PROFESSOR who IS BEHIND ANY SUCCESS :-) I can’t thank you enough. I’m so so so proud of you as their teacher and of them as my children.
Best, Inas, Newport Beach, CA

My kids had learned German for 8 years but when we relocated to the USA, I could only afford American schools. The biggest challenge was for them to keep up with the English language spoken around them. That being said, the sacrifice of course was to give up on the German language they loved and learned for years! Luckily, I have reached out to the German School Campus and enrolled my kids. It was our golden chance to have the children refresh their memory and bring back all the German vocabulary lost in California. But that was not even one-tenth of what my 2 kids achieved at the school! German School campus teachers are so friendly, talented in making class a fun experience, and specialized in providing the required tutoring for German Accreditation exams, like AATG.

Congratulation on the AATG 4 Exam in which you scored high. You will receive a Gold medal!” That note we received after my son took the exam was thrilling because the AATG exam is a stepping stone also DSD I and DSD II are on a path for my kids to resume their college degrees in top universities in Germany if they choose to. And this is an option I always wanted to offer them.
Celebrating all the German festivals, and eating German dishes are great excitement; making German friends, living a typical German culture, and earning top German accreditation on US land are things I never imagined would happen. But gratefully, they did – we got it all at the German School Campus :-)
Ursula, as School Director and Teacher you are a person one could write poetry about, and yet no words will be enough to describe your strenuous efforts with the children, how capable you are in mastering your profession, and most of all your kindness and a big heart!
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach, CA

Thank u for doing a wonderful job with our kids. Leo loved the German class. Happy holidays!
Deborah, Irvine, CA

Student German School Campus Summer Camp STEM: Ja, Pirouz erinnert sich mit der Zeit doch oft an Dinge die Sie ihm beigebracht haben, und ich bin beeindruckt wie viel Sie ihm in kurzer Zeit beigebracht haben. Vielen Dank, Liebe Grüsse,
Susan S. & Ingo R., Irvine, CA

Amazing Program for Shayan! Thanks so much for your effort and Frau. Mullers. Shayan is so happy today with the knowledge and info she has learned about generating energy from wind. But more excited about the German words coming back to her mind and told me she wanted to continue speaking with you and Fr. Muller the whole day, Deutsche, and wonderful school days from back home are finally coming back!!  Unbelievable expression of how she feels and which we rarely get from Shayan. I appreciate your effort and creativity.
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach, CA

Thanks so much, Frau Ursula and Frau Muller! My daughter Shayan has enjoyed the Science and Environment Program for this Summer Camp a great deal and it’s only the third day! Today, her dad was overwhelmed by the knowledge she’s gained on new energy and sustainability methods…she’s so proud today of herself for speaking this much German Vocabulary that is coming back after 2 years away from her German School back home. ” Deutsche is coming back, I’m getting it all back because we’ve spoken so much of Deutsche”!
Inas A. Y., Newport Beach, CA

I am so pleased with your school and all you have taught Jaylin in the German language.
She has brought a lot of awareness to her friends here and they have picked up some words in German too. I hope one of them will take the class. If they do we will surely be recommending you😃❣👍🏾.
Suzanne C./ West Virginia

Thanks so much, the kids love doing German classes with you and will miss you over break. Enjoy the rest of your summer and summer school 🙂
Cynthia C./ AL

Thank you so much for the remote teaching with Sarah during the school year and for accommodating her schedule.
This level of preparation has far exceeded what I was expecting when I made the first call to you. THANK YOU!
Aliso Viejo, USA

Thanks so much!! We celebrated her success yesterday! Thank you for a great job, you’re the number 1 teacher❣🌹.
Suzanne C. WV

Great Learning Experience!
I began working with Ursula about 2 years ago when I took a role with a company based in Munich. I had been using Duolingo and other learning sources, so I knew some words, but couldn’t put them together in a conversation.
I began working with Ursula and quickly saw progress. These days, I am far from fluent, but can hold my own in most social situations, and regularly surprise people in stores and restaurants by talking to them in German.
All along, Ursula has been a great teacher. She was flexible and accommodated my crazy travel schedule, and she adjusted the lessons to provide content that was useful for my needs. She has the patience of a Saint and was always optimistic and helpful, no matter how many times I would destroy Dative or any of the other cases.
If anyone is interested in learning German, I highly recommend Ursula. You won’t find a better, more responsive teacher!
Phil Henderson, IL

Woweee!!! Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for being a great teacher for Jaylin❣
Suzanne C., West Virginia

Dear Ursula,
Thank you so much, I am proud of Jaylin and am thankful for all the good work you have done with her! You are a great teacher! All she has learned is from you along with all the enrichment activities you send her, cheers to you 💐, thank you so much!
Suzanne C., West Virginia

Translation on the Expertise Dr. Klaus Ertz The Battle of the Amazons.
Ursula, Thank you so much for a fantastic job!
Have a great day,
Caroline L.S., NB, CA

AATG Thanks for making our profession so GREAT
Dear Ursula,
During National Teacher Appreciation Week, the AATG Executive Council and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do to improve the lives of students. We appreciate the countless hours you spend providing quality learning opportunities for students of German. It takes a special person to be as dedicated and committed to the profession as you are. Thank you for being a GERMAN TEACHER.
Hal Boland Keith Cothrun
President Executive Director

Thank you Ursula for teaching me your beautiful language. You manage to be a professional but always with a great smile 🙂 Hoping to meet you someday in California, in Deutschland, or even in Spain! Tschüss!
Ana I. / BMW-Madrid/Spain

Today in the library he picked up a duo language book English German book and started flipping and showing me all the words in German and explaining what it means 😀 You have done a fantastic job, Ursula, so it will be an honor to be able to play host to you and your family when you’re here.
Sharon C. / England

You’ve some great ideas. Continue the fantastic work.
W. / USA

Ursula is an amazing teacher. I have tried learning German before but I have never been able to do it. However, with Ursula, I can already speak and understand. She is extremely professional and fun at the same time. Love working with her
Hellen P. E. / Switzerland

Thanks so much!!! I appreciate the opportunity that you give for kids to better themselves in a German environment.
J.M. / USA

Thank you, Ursula, my son’s enthusiasm for the language with a really patient teacher, makes an awesome combo!! We couldn’t have found a more loving, kind, and accommodating teacher than you are 🙂 This coming trip to Germany should help him solidify and further enhance what he has learned so far.
S.C. / England

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich, Thank you for your unresting endurance and devotion to the education of young students to teach the German language. Our deepest appreciation.
M.K. / CA, USA

Dear Mrs. Schoeneich, thank you for a wonderful year of German teaching. I will be back after the summer.
R.Z. / USA

Ursula, many thanks for your lesson. I really enjoyed it and I am sure that I can improve a lot with you.
G. M. / Ireland

I have to say that you are a nice teacher. I like studying with you.
H. P. / Switzerland

Ursula, we are very happy that our son enjoys his lesson very much.
D. C. / England

It is great news to hear that our son is doing so well, and we thank you for your great dedication and care. You are a good teacher and he enjoys your lessons very much. We are confident that he will be speaking and writing German confidently in the future under your guidance.
S. C. / England

I am very happy with the German classes thank you. It helps me a lot.
V. F. / EADS-Madrid/Spain

I am very pleased with the telephone classes. I think that my teacher is very good, the classes are smooth and very satisfying. He prepares them for me according to my needs; I talk a lot and he corrects me on the spots, then writes down my main mistakes, sends me interesting information for me to work on at home and we discuss the texts he’s sent me to read or we correct the exercises together.
L. T. / EADS-Madrid/Spain

Thank you-the children love your class! Thank you for the wonderful classes you provide the children!
R. R. / United States

I’m quite glad for Ursula. We started with the specific topic of high level, very good and indeed to my interest, and also mixed with questions on the language from me and other topics of articles in magazines and so on. Very rich and motivating. Very good use of time and a nice tone of the phone relationship.
M. J. / EADS-Madrid/Spain

My German classes are so much fun. I learn for my German trip and visit
G. C. / United Kingdom

Ursula, happy to say that I have passed my A2 exam. Thanks for your great support within the last 4 months, I could not have done it without all your professional help and strategic advice. You had the right material to guide and prepare me for the Language Test at Goethe Institute.
N. K. / Switzerland

Thank you very much for the lessons we have had. I have learned better than I have in the past and better still, I have learned the proper way.
S. M. / United States

Regular online classes with Ursula not only advanced my German language skills but were also convenient and fun and I looked forward to them.
T. P. / Australia

I have not only learned the basics of the German Language, but I learned about the German culture as well. Ursula thank you so much!
H. D. / United States

Great support for my German grammatic Lessons.
E. D. / United States

I learned the Basics of the German language.
C. B. / United States

We do appreciate all your time and effort, Ms. Ursula. Our classes with you were a genuine pleasure.
T & A. M. / Russia

I enjoyed my German classes for over 2 years with Ms. Ursula. I know now why I drive a BMW.
V. K. / United States

Ursula was a big help for my new job assignments with Germany.
V. B. / United States

I enjoyed my German online classes.
J. G. / United States

My German online crash course helped with a visit of relatives in Germany.
M. B. / United States

Thank you so much for your time and I really enjoyed your enthusiasm to teach me German.
R. J. / United States

Thank You for the poem on my father’s Birthday.!!! Can you please translate it for me in English? Thank You for a great lesson, too 🙂
B. E. / United States

I did enjoy taking German lessons with you and I certainly learned a lot about Mozart.
S. K. / United States