Ursula Schoeneich

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Ursula Schoeneich Principal of the GERMAN SCHOOL campus

Faculty Achievement Awards

First Day of School with Sugar Cone: Ursula Schoeneich, Principal and Founder of the German School Campus in Newport Beach, California, Introduces the German Tradition of the First Day of School.

1st Day of School in Germany / Erster Schultag in Deutschland.

Certified DaF German Instructor

Ursula Schoeneich founded both the German School Online and the German School Campus Inc. in Newport Beach, California.

Online German School Role

Since 2009, Ursula has been working with students ranging from age 7 to 65 across the globe, helping them learn German from levels A1 to C1, as well as Business German, through online classes via Skype.

German School Campus Role

As the Principal and Teacher at the German School Campus in Newport Beach since 2015, Ursula offers the Orange County community high-quality German language courses. She leads in-person German classes for children aged 6 to 18, providing high school German language tutoring and professional test preparation (AP German, AATG National Exam 1-4, A2, B1/Deutschsprachdiplom I, and B2/C1 Deutsche Sprachdiplom II). Ursula also established the German Honor Society of DELTA EPSILON PHI for the German School Campus, known as “California Delta Eta,” specifically for high school students, through the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). Each year, she leads the Immersion Summer Camp focused on STEM.


Ursula has over a decade of experience as a German teacher.

Since 2010, she has served as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 90, completing several training courses to lead youth in outdoor activities and camps. Ursula is a Merit Badge counselor for the Eagle-required Merit Badges in Cooking and Environmental Science, and she consistently updates her Youth Protection Training. Her 22-year-old son is an Eagle Scout.

In 2015, Ursula was the German Delegation Liaison for the German Team during the Special Olympics in Los Angeles.

Before founding the German School Campus, Ursula taught German at a Saturday School starting in 2007. She later became the lead teacher for the Immersion Summer Camps in Big Bear and the Outdoor Education Center. Ursula has been volunteering at Moulton Elementary School and the children’s ministry church groups of South Shores Church since 2006.

As a former executive and pioneer in the environmental industry, Ursula has 25 years of experience as a Foreign Language Advisor for corporations in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA, and Asia. She served on the advisory board (SBA) for environmental issues in California for many years.

Professional Education

Ursula completed her education at the University of Jena in Germany, earning certification as a DaF Teacher (Deutsch als Fremdsprache/German as a Foreign Language).

She possesses an Examiner A1 through C1 certificate from the German Government for Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Zentralstelle für das Auslandschulwesen (ZfA-Köln) DSDI and DSDII.

Ursula has obtained a Country and Cultural Training ZfA certificate from the German Government, as well as a PASCH-net certificate.

She has earned several professional development certificates through the Goethe Institute in Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as well as through AATG and edWeb online webinars for professional educators.

Ursula completed a Child Development course at the University of Redlands, which covered cognitive, cultural, emotional, physical, social, and language development in children from birth through adolescence. The course also addressed various learning theories and their implications for the timing of instruction and developmental implications for teaching the whole child.


Ursula is a member of the following organizations:

AATG: American Association of Teachers of German
ACTFL: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
GLSC: German Language School Conference
WDA: Weltverband Deutscher Auslandsschulen (World Association of German International Schools)

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (949) 285-0829
Email: Ursula.Schoeneich@GermanSchoolcampus.com


Meet Ursula

Ursula is a certified German language instructor who brings together her diverse experiences as a former executive, enthusiast, traveler, learner, teacher, tutor, coach, wife, mother, friend, and ex-pat to help others learn German. Her passion for teaching and commitment to her students’ success ensures they build a fulfilling life they truly love and enjoy.

What are her beliefs?

Ursula’s journey, which began with her move from Germany to the United States in 1997 using a Manager’s Visa, and later a Green Card, leading to her immigration in 2007, has been an incredibly enriching experience. She views this journey as a precious gift – both for herself and those who have the opportunity to live and work abroad, learn new things, and teach others. This gift allows individuals to grow and share their skills and experiences, ultimately enriching the lives of others through their knowledge, unique perspectives, and personalities.

Der Schüler soll nicht Gedanken, sondern denken lernen; man soll Ihn nicht tragen, sondern leiten, wenn man will, das er in Zukunft von sich selbst gehen geschickt sein soll.

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), deutscher Philosoph

Ursula Schoeneich as Delegation Liason for the German Special Olympics team 2015 in Los Angeles