We Need Volunteers

GERMAN SCHOOL Campus Needs Your Support

The German School Campus in Newport Beach is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that welcomes your involvement. By volunteering at our events, both parents and high school students can earn valuable service hours.

Understanding Volunteering and Its Importance Volunteering entails dedicating one’s time to assist an individual, group, or cause. It can be done in person or remotely via the Internet. The scope of volunteering is vast, spanning areas such as urban planning, transportation, agriculture, wildlife conservation, healthcare, child welfare, and education. But what is it about volunteering that makes it so essential?

Making a Positive Impact on the World Volunteering is crucial because it offers the opportunity to create a meaningful and positive impact on the world. While many people express a desire to improve the world, it is volunteers who actively work towards this goal. By dedicating your time to significant tasks such as neighborhood cleanup, student education, fundraising event assistance, or writing letters to representatives, you can make a substantial difference in both your community and the world at large.

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