Week 13 in California

Damiana Week 13 Internship at GERMAN SCHOOL campus FI

Damiana Week 13 Internship at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

As my internship at the German School Campus comes to an end, I reflect on my final week, which was filled with memorable moments. This week, the Monday cooking class received their report cards and were overjoyed. To commemorate their achievements, each student received a cooking spoon and got to keep their chef hats and aprons.

On Saturday, we had our school graduation ceremony, where every class prepared a little something to showcase to their parents and friends. In our last hour together, we practiced diligently to ensure a flawless presentation. The children were filled with anticipation, eager to demonstrate everything they had learned throughout the school year.

The entire week revolved around the preparation for this special event. I assisted Mrs. Schöneich in designing, printing, double-checking, and sorting the report cards. Additionally, some children were unable to attend the graduation ceremony, so we made arrangements to send their report cards by mail. The end of the school year emphasizes the immense effort required to organize such events.

The graduation ceremony on Saturday was a fantastic affair. Many children brought their entire families, and it was a delightful afternoon filled with awards, food, and performances by the students. Witnessing the gleaming and proud eyes of the children was truly remarkable.

While the year-end celebration was a highlight, we also made sure that students who couldn’t attend the event received their report cards. Throughout the week, we distributed the report cards to those who couldn’t be present, ensuring that each student received their progress evaluation in class. It was important to acknowledge their hard work and academic growth, even if they couldn’t join us for the festivities.

Furthermore, we had a lovely farewell dinner with our high school students earlier in the week. It was a special occasion to bid farewell to the graduating class and celebrate their achievements. The atmosphere was filled with a mix of joy and nostalgia as we shared stories and exchanged heartfelt goodbyes.

I am saddened that my time at the German School Campus has come to an end. The weeks have flown by, and I will cherish the memories forever.