Week 4 in California

Damiana week 4 in California

In this week’s baking class, the children learned to make an Osternest, a traditional Easter treat. It was wonderful to see the students engaged and excited as they mixed the dough and decorated their creations.

Preparing for the upcoming “Easter Eggstravaganza” school event, I helped organize the festivities, including filling almost 300 eggs with sweets for the children’s Easter egg hunt.

During the Science Week on the PCC Campus, the focus was on animals and the children had the unique opportunity to learn about different species and interact with them firsthand. Even I couldn’t resist petting the adorable little pony that visited the campus.

The past few weeks I observed some differences in custody rules compared to German schools. In Germany, it is common for children to go home by themselves using public transport, bicycles, or walking, fostering greater independence. In contrast, American schools enforce stricter regulations, limiting parental access through background checks and scheduled appointments. The students are primarily picked up by their parents, with teachers responsible for verifying the authorization of the person collecting the child.

The week culminated in our grand Easter school event held at Old World in Huntington Beach – a charming European-style village even containing a German grocery store and a Biergarten. The turnout was impressive, with numerous families and children participating in different traditional activities. I was in charge of the face painting station, which was an absolute delight. Witnessing the children’s enthusiasm and joy as they chose their designs and saw the final results warmed my heart.

This past week has been full of excitement, learning, and fun!

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