Week 6 in California

Damiana Week 6 Internship at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

In this week’s baking class, the children learned how to make a traditional Black Forest cake, which was new to me too. The students’ excitement was contagious, especially when it came to adding the whipped cream. One student humorously pointed out that the chocolate dough resembled elephant poo, sending the entire class into fits of laughter. This light-hearted moment reminded me that learning can, and should, be fun!

On Wednesdays, I teach an online SPARK class from the Goethe Institute called ‘Felix und Franzi’. The class is specially designed to cater to children from Kindergarten to elementary school, and it is very child-oriented, using animal mascots to make learning fun. I absolutely enjoy teaching the children the German language and seeing them having fun while singing German children’s songs. Moreover, I am really grateful to Mrs. Schöneich for entrusting me with the responsibility of conducting my own classes and gaining valuable teaching experience.

Later this day, we visited the Fullerton College German Film and Cultural Festival with our high school students. The festival started off with a traditional German Schuhplattler performance, which was entertaining to watch! Thus the students got some insights into German folk culture. Then, we settled down to watch the movie “The Silent Revolution”, which tells the true story of a group of East German high school students who conducted a silent protest against the oppressive communist regime in 1956. It was a great event, for both the students and the teachers!

On the weekend, I visited the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, which was inspiring and visually stunning. The museum houses an impressive collection of art spanning various time periods and styles, including European paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, as well as contemporary and modern works. Further, it offered great views over the city and a beautiful garden that created a serene atmosphere. Highly recommended!