Week 8 in California

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Damiana Week 8 Internship at GERMAN SCHOOL campus

This week, the culinary classes at PCC Campus proved to be an engaging experience. On Monday, we delved into traditional recipes, baking a delicious Apfelstrudel with the children. Despite the varying shapes and sizes of the Strudels, they all tasted fantastic! The joy the children exhibited while learning and participating was truly heartwarming.

Midweek, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo, given that the school also offers Spanish lessons. The culinary class set up a booth where we made waffles and crepes, each child was assigned a unique task. It was fascinating to witness the harmony with which the children operated, taking ownership of their roles and collaborating enthusiastically. Of course, the festivities wouldn’t have been complete without a Piñata. The excitement it generated was infectious; the candies were an undeniable highlight.

Working at the PCC Campus is always a privilege. It’s not often you can claim to work with a breathtaking ocean view!

Over the weekend, I visited the LA County Fair in Pomona with friends. It is one of the largest fairs in America, attracting millions of visitors each year. It spans over several weeks and covers a vast area with numerous pavilions, exhibits, and entertainment venues. It was so vast that we barely got to see everything. Nevertheless, the stunning view from the Ferris wheel was a sight to behold, enhancing our memorable evening.