End of Internship

Damiana Klatt intern at german school campus end of internship

My Final Internship Report Damiana Klatt

Now that my internship at German School Campus has come to an end, I reflect on the past three months with a mixture of sadness and gratitude. I can’t help but feel a sense of melancholy as I think about how quickly time has passed during this internship. It feels like yesterday that I arrived, eager and filled with anticipation for the journey ahead. This experience has been truly invaluable for my personal growth, for understanding diverse teaching approaches and methods, as well as expanding my cultural competence.

Throughout my internship, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a different educational environment, work with dedicated teachers, and interact with incredible students. This journey has allowed me to discover new strengths, refine my teaching skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of cross-cultural communication.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my internship was witnessing the progress and growth of the students. The teachers of German School Campus provided a nurturing and supportive environment where students were encouraged to explore their interests and develop their language skills. Whether it was in the cooking classes, where the students learned how to cook properly, collaborate as a team, and understand everything that needs to be considered when it comes to cooking, or in the language classes when the students’ eyes began to sparkle and they proudly demonstrated what they had learned.

Another significant insight I gained from this experience was the amount of effort and organization that goes into planning cultural events, issuing reports, and preparing lesson plans. The German School Campus emphasized the importance of exposing students to authentic German culture. I had the privilege of participating in traditional German celebrations, such as Easter and May Day festivities, which provided a unique opportunity to share my culture with the students and reinforce their connection to the German language and heritage.

Furthermore, I was able to gain insights into the grading process by observing and participating in exams, both written and oral. Understanding the evaluation methods and criteria used has been valuable for my future career as a teacher. Additionally, the opportunity to independently plan and teach individual lessons has enhanced my teaching skills and has allowed me to learn and further adapt my competencies.

The experience of living and working in California has been truly transformative. Interacting with locals, forming new friendships, and immersing myself in the American culture has broadened my perspective and deepened my understanding of intercultural communication. I have learned to appreciate the differences and similarities between the American and German educational systems and societies, which will enable me to incorporate elements of both cultures into my future teaching practices.

I highly recommend everyone embark on an international teaching opportunity, as it offers unparalleled chances for cultural immersion, professional development, and personal growth. It enhanced my teaching skills, especially in light of the mixture of German, English, and Spanish classes, expanded my global network, and fostered a deeper understanding of diverse cultures. Despite the bittersweet feeling of it all coming to an end, I am thankful for the time I have spent here. The memories created, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned will surely have a lasting impact on my journey as an aspiring teacher of foreign languages in Germany.