European Cooking – Baking Picture Show 2023


Snapshot 2023: Dive into European Cooking – Baking, K-12th Picture Show!

Explore our dynamic European cooking and baking class for kids through captivating images from our 2023 sessions below. Delve into our culinary adventures that blend fun, education, and delicious creations, fostering a lifelong love for diverse flavors and culinary creativity!


Step into the vibrant world of European cuisine with our exciting kids’ cooking class! Beyond just creating delicious treats, our culinary adventure is designed to nurture young minds, offering a blend of fun and education. In this article, we’ll guide you through the learning objectives, essential food safety practices, and engaging activities that make our cooking class an unforgettable experience for budding chefs.

Learning Objectives:

Discovering Food Origins:
Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the mystery behind the food on our plates. From the farmer’s field to our kitchen, kids will explore the fascinating origins of their favorite ingredients.

Mastering Kitchen Hygiene:
Safety always comes first! Our little chefs will become hygiene superheroes as they learn the basics of handwashing and maintaining a clean kitchen environment.

Creating an After-School Snack:
Get ready to don your chef hats! Kids will gain confidence in whipping up a scrumptious after-school snack using the humble English muffin.

Food Safety Measures:

Safety First:
Our kitchen mantra emphasizes the importance of each chef focusing on their tasks. Safety is the key to a successful cooking adventure!

Handwashing Habits:
Through the fun ABCs or Happy Birthday song, our little chefs will master the art of handwashing, ensuring squeaky-clean hands for a safe and enjoyable cooking experience. A hands-on activity using GloGerm will make learning hygiene practices a playful experience.

Sanitary Practices:
From tying back long hair to handwashing after touching the face, our chefs will follow essential sanitary practices, fostering a clean and healthy cooking environment. Taste tests will be saved for the grand finale of each recipe.

Cooking Guidelines:

Recipe Overview:
Before diving into the cooking fun, we’ll guide our chefs to set out all the ingredients, ensuring a smooth culinary journey. Understanding the recipe and any necessary preparations is key to becoming a kitchen maestro.

Peer Appreciation:
In our cooking class, we celebrate diverse tastes. Little chefs will learn that what might be ‘yuck’ to one could be ‘yum’ to another, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere throughout the cooking process.

Room Set-Up:
To make our class interactive and engaging, we’ll set up the room with two instructors at a horizontally positioned table, allowing our chefs to follow along seamlessly. A long table lengthwise will ensure everyone gets a front-row seat to the culinary action.

Nutrition Lesson:

Understanding Food Sources:
Integrating nutrition insights, our chefs will explore the origins of everyday foods like apples, bananas, carrots, and corn. Through engaging discussions, we’ll uncover the journey from planting seeds to the produce arriving at our local grocery stores.

Brainstorming Factors:
Exciting brainstorming sessions will challenge our chefs to think about the factors influencing crop growth—everything from the size of the land to the tools used, weather conditions, and the quality of the soil.

Our European cooking class is not just about creating tasty treats; it’s a holistic experience that blends culinary skills with an understanding of where our food comes from. By infusing fun and education, we aim to spark a lifelong appreciation for the joys of cooking and the diverse flavors that make up our global culinary tapestry. Join us for a culinary adventure that is sure to leave a lasting impression on little chefs.


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