Experience Report 1

Luisa Beiersdorf intern at german school campus

My internship abroad

The first week

On January 28th, my flight from Frankfurt to John Wayne Santa Ana took off. There, I was received by Mrs. Schoeneich and taken to my accommodation. Since it was already quite late, I was glad to fall into bed.

The next morning, a Sunday, Mrs. Schoeneich picked me up and we drove to San Diego, where I picked up my rental car. On the way back, we stopped at a German grocery store where we bought bread and other small items. The rest of the day, I spent exploring my surroundings and taking a walk in the Back Bay area.

Right on the next Monday, my school routine began. It was super exciting to get to know the other teachers and the children. During the first week, I got to meet almost all of the classes, was able to assist in the cooking classes, and settled in nicely. I visited Newport Beach and the surrounding area, enjoying the beautiful weather. Over the weekend, I went hiking in the stunning Crystal Cove State Park, visited the beach, and relished in the nature and landscape.

The second week

The second week unfortunately was very rainy and stormy, which meant I spent a lot of my free time indoors and in stores.
During class, I was able to present a presentation about my city “Herne” in almost all classes and teach the children about life in North Rhine-Westphalia. The presentation was very well-received, and we were able to answer many questions about mining and the history of the city. An interesting topic for the Ruhr region is, of course, soccer, which was particularly intriguing for many, as they themselves play soccer at school and in clubs.
Additionally, in the cooking classes, we made Berliners filled with jam ourselves, in keeping with carnival week. The children were excited about the “German Doughnut” and were even able to take some home for their parents to try.
On Sunday, to mark the end of carnival week, we celebrated carnival at the festival hall of the Old World in Huntington Beach. Together with the children and parents, we played games, danced, watched KG Anaheim, and had fun.

Before the flight

My name is Luisa, I am 25 years old, and I am currently studying English and History in the Master of Education program at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. For my Master’s degree in English, I am required to complete a mandatory stay abroad, which must last at least 6 weeks and be spent in an English-speaking country. When planning my stay, I decided to go to the USA for an extended period. I also knew that I wanted to spend my time abroad in the form of a school internship to learn new teaching methods.

My search led me to the website of the PASCH initiative. The PASCH initiative is a network of German schools worldwide and presents various types of schools on its website. Subsequently, I applied to several schools in North America, and the German School Campus immediately caught my attention because of its location and website. After a few days, I received an email from the school principal, Ursula Schoeneich, and shortly after, I met her in a video conference. After that, everything happened very quickly. I applied for my visa, booked my flight, and planned my stay in general. During this time, I stayed in touch with Ursula Schoeneich and was able to clarify all my questions.