German schools abroad

The value contributions of the German schools abroad

The value contributions of the German schools abroad

Eight social value contributions make clear what the German schools abroad do. These value contributions together make up the public value of the schools.

Education “Made in Germany”

High-quality education is one of the core values ​​of German schools abroad. Schools around the world stand for sound knowledge transfer and excellent pedagogical support. Her trademark is the internationally recognized German school qualifications, such as the Abitur. The federal and state governments work together to ensure uniform quality standards; experienced teaching and management staff from Germany ensure their compliance. This enables education “Made in Germany” at a consistently high level.

Encounter of cultures and international understanding
 Encounter of cultures and international understanding

German schools abroad strengthen intercultural exchange. The majority of schools are “encounter schools”. There children and young people from different countries and cultures learn together. Classes are usually multilingual. The schools teach and live cosmopolitanism and thus make an important contribution to international understanding. They raise awareness of study and work opportunities around the world. At the same time they create a close bond with Germany, where many foreign students study after graduation and enter the profession.

Partner of the economy

Many German companies are world leaders in their industries. The German Schools Abroad are an important part of this success story. Whether in industrialized or emerging countries: company employees posted abroad can count on their German children being educated in Germany. The graduates of the schools also have access to highly qualified specialists familiar with the German language and culture. Thus, the German schools abroad can help to solve the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.

Reliable charitable status

The German schools abroad are not profit-oriented schools. As a rule, they are carried by non-profit school associations or foundations. The public-private partnership provides schools with a high degree of economic autonomy, but can charge lower school fees than other international schools. They also offer various scholarship programs. Thus, the German schools abroad are an educational elite that is open to gifted students from all social classes.

Business card for Germany

The German schools abroad teach what Germany stands for. In Germany, they make it possible to experience what Germany is all about: strong education and strong values, such as democracy, equal opportunity and performance orientation. The German schools abroad traditionally support Germany’s foreign cultural and educational policy. In this way, they contribute to sustainable success in competition with other nations (“nation branding”).

Impulse generator and innovator

The German Schools Abroad offer great potential for initiating innovation in the education system – in Germany as well as in the respective home country. Teachers can contribute their experience abroad after returning to Germany, for example when teaching pupils from different cultures. Also in terms of full-day care, multilingualism and integration, the foreign schools can provide valuable impulses.

Reference point for the German community abroad

For Germans living abroad, the German schools abroad are often not only the first address for the education of their children. The schools also provide a place of community to cultivate their own cultural roots. They enable Germans abroad to maintain a bond with Germany and to maintain a German identity. The schools also create networks that ensure rapid access.

German educational ideals
 German educational ideals

The German Schools Abroad teach more than school knowledge. They make an important contribution worldwide to promote the German language and culture. Children of Germans living abroad speak their language, children from the home country learn it and use it in everyday life. The German schools abroad teach values ​​and knowledge. They promote a sympathetic Germany with convincing educational ideals.