My internship at the sea

My internship at the sea

How to find an internship in Southern California? An internship, which is not only interesting and exciting but also develops me personally and professionally?

Charlotte Mueller Intern at GERMAN SCHOOL campus Newport Beach

After one year of preparation, a desk full of documents, a delayed flight, and a four-hour conversation with the American police at the airport, my internship of three months at the school “GERMAN SCHOOL campus” in Newport Beach finally started…

Charlotte Mueller

So what can I say after one month? The effort is worth it! In these four weeks, I have met diligent students and parents, a great and extensive program school as well as a hard-working director who always has an open door and gets support from her entire family.

German school campus newport beach

I was particularly impressed by the Scout Fair at the lake with hundreds of families, the great cooperation with the neighboring sailing school, and a visit to the Science Center right at the Back Bay of the Pacific.

Despite a number of tasks, I have the opportunity to work creatively and independently. In addition to the work on promotion, the preparation of lessons, event planning, and one-to-one conversations with schools, the internship provides a great insight into the American way of working.

Until the school year ends we still have so much work to do and time goes by so fast, but I am really looking forward to it…