Early Education: The Benefits of Preschool


Kindergarten this school year

We are pleased to be able to present our preschool/kindergarten this school year.

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A preschool is a place of encounter, learning, and living. Mutual respect is a matter of course. The child experiences other cultures and makes learning experiences with other ways of life and customs. Language competence is regarded as a key competence for educational work. The German language and culture are taught above all with a view to their further use in elementary school. However, the mother tongue and culture of the country are of equal importance and therefore always a subject of learning as well. All this requires a stimulating range of languages.

Linguistic education is based on the child’s language level and offers linguistic stimulation and challenges. Content and processes are geared to the specific needs and learning levels of the child. The teacher speaks clearly, and at an appropriate pace. She uses a vocabulary that is understandable to the child and plans for understanding aids (English). Parents receive regular documentation of their language level (at least twice a year) and constant communication with the teacher.

The children learn German at the age of 4 through rhythm, music, songs, activities, and games. The materials used are suitable for children and oriented towards the world in which they live.

The child regularly has the opportunity to listen to music of different styles, sing songs, and get involved. Simple musical instruments (for plucking, blowing, and beating) are available and are used regularly.
The individual child is given the opportunity to perceive changing perspectives in group discussions and group play and to take them in for themselves. Children’s books and other learning materials are available and used. Materials and books brought by the child can flow into everyday learning.

Corresponding elements of interior design and supporting materials are available.

The child learns to consciously distinguish colors, shapes, and figures and to use them according to their aesthetic perception. Parents gain insight into their child’s work results.

The use of different techniques and materials supports the child in expressing himself creatively. It has the opportunity to familiarize itself with as many materials as possible, to test itself in role-plays and theater plays, and to test its effectiveness as freely as possible in its own productions and compositions. There are then small performances on individual occasions (e.g. birthdays) and school events.

The child knows the procedures and rules and implements them accordingly.

Media are used to support creativity and imagination.
An outdoor area for gross motor activities is available and is used.
There are cooperation projects between preschool and language schools, and joint activities take place.