Scholarship Application

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Application Process for the GERMAN SCHOOL Campus Scholarship in Newport Beach

This application process is tailored for individuals seeking admission to the GERMAN SCHOOL on-campus scholarship program at our esteemed international campus in Newport Beach. Unlike traditional forms, applicants are required to compose a detailed letter, accompanied by supporting documents, explaining the reasons behind their pursuit of a scholarship. Parents or guardians are requested to use the provided contact form to initiate the application process.

The application letter should comprehensively outline the candidate’s academic achievements, awards, involvement in membership activities, and contributions to community service. Furthermore, it should incorporate details about the applicant’s current GPA and include an essay articulating the motivations behind their scholarship application, along with their aspirations for leveraging the scholarship.

The application process concludes with the guardian’s signature, signifying the accuracy of the furnished information.

If funds are available for the current academic year, the board will meticulously review each application, considering the applicant’s strengths and potential contributions to the school community. It is crucial to emphasize that the sustainability of our scholarship program relies on generous donations, and funding decisions are contingent upon the availability of resources.