Students Awards

Award Celebration in German School campus 2015 / 2016

We celebrated our students

on Saturday morning June 25th. They reached their goals of A1” Vergleichsarbeit” and received their Certificates issued by ZFA (Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen- Central Agency of foreign Schools of Germany). We did this exam in March. Our advanced class reached the AATG Level 3 with a Gold Medal as Honor student. (American Association of Teachers of German) for Distinguished Achievement on the 2016 National German Exam for High School Students. Exam was taken in March. Congratulations to all! We are proud of you!

The day started at 9:00 am with a wonderful breakfast of fresh croissants, coffee, orange juice, jams and cheese varieties. Our wonderful Intern Frau Charlotte Mueller from Germany and Frau Atti Reding, who helps in class with reading, have helped to set up the classroom.

Frau Mueller
Frau Mueller

Students and their parents joined the teachers for breakfast.

Students performed a short play in which they could demonstrate their speaking skills. It was all about going shopping to “ALDI” as family and as the kids were hungry already, Mom forgot the best in the shopping cart- die Würstchen…… Awards were given and everyone got a special pin for “Super Schüler Auszeichnung” and a book to read German during Summer time.

We wish all a Happy Summer of 2016.

Happy Summer end of school year 2015 / 2016
Happy Summer end of school year 2015 / 2016


We teach German in the best way for each child to reach their fullest potential

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